Article Submission Guidelines

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We accept sponsored content only from organisation whose products and services we think our readers will find informative, valuable or interesting. If we evaluate that the organisation we describe in these posts do not meet our criteria, or provide unethical, illegal, against culture or anti social products or services, we will not continue to run sponsored content about them. All sponsorship articles are edited by our team to best fit interest of our reader and community in general. We and our sponsors write the posts/review based on information that our sponsors provide, the content is further edited but our editorial team.

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To share your articles as pre approved guest writer please follow below steps.

If you are a pre-approved writer, all your articles will be showcased under your profile, giving you an opportunity to showcase your writing to global community of writers and social leaders. Our editorial team will keep a watch on your articles and writing style, if need arises we will request you to share articles on other network sites. Please follow below mentioned article submission guidelines even if you are a pre approved writer.

Articles submission terms on our community site:

  • EDITORIAL APPROVAL. Guest articles are subject to editorial approvals, editorial team decide merit of article based on quality of content and purpose it serve for our readers.
  • EXTERNAL LINKS. We do not carry external links in article for SEO or Backlink purpose. However, we do offer review/sponsorship post, so please contact us for more details.
  • NON COMMERCIAL. In order to maintain the integrity of the publications, we have a policy of not promoting specific products or services when using externally sourced editorial content. This policy includes a general avoidance of branding. As Mentioned above, we do offer sponsored/review post, please write to us for more details.
  • AUTHOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. We do, of course, acknowledge where contributions come from and brief individual and corporate information can be included, maximum 300 characters, Author can include link to Author’s Likedin, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Profile.
  • NO COMPENSATION. There is no compensation scheme for guest articles, except exposure of writers name and profile, should you wish to become a paid article write, please submit application on career page.

Please follow below guidelines while submitting your article.

  • Please ensure that you are submitting an exclusive article and not violating any copyright laws. You remain responsible for copyright act.
  • Our Publications/Websites  are read by a wide cross section of the community, so we tend to eschew complex terminology and aim instead to explain issues in laypersons’ terms. However, we certainly don’t want you to feel constrained by this, so please write in the style that you are accustomed to.
  • Please insure that you have rechecked article in terms of content, grammatical and spelling error. We are inviting only finished articles to avoid further editing work.
  • Any other images that you may possess that can illustrate your article are also a great help. If submitting these, please ensure there are no copyright issues with regards to reproduction.
  • Please suggest some images with articles.


  • All guest/pre approved/sponsorship/review articles are subject to our editorial policies. We reserve the rights to reject any such offers.
  • All payment paid for article related work are subject to non refunded.
  • We reserve right to change our policies at anytime.