Apple mavericks upgrade – A truly world’s most advanced desktop operating system.


The new Apple OS X operating system version 10.9, famous as Mavericks, has just arrived with a whole new set of features that makes managing files easy and enhances battery life. It is a free upgrade to everyone using OS X snow leopard and above. I have upgraded my Mac Pro Retina PC with Mavericks and the performance improved drastically giving me an all new experience with the OS.



The design remains the same as the Mountain lion that came before Mavericks but with enhanced features for iWork and iLife that helps me manage my work better. The calendar has got cleaner with a new inspector feature that offers me few more add-ons to the previous one. I also get the Map and iBook at my fingertips with an altogether new experience.


One of the best features of Mavericks that appealed me is the Maps. I can plan my trip on my Mac and all my recent searches along with my plan are shared to all iOS devices to enable a easy access while on the road. Local searches and point of interest have become easier like never before with real time route feature, which informs me about the current traffic and hence choose my way. Exploiting the powerful graphic power of Mac, map gives a better zoom with three modes of view of the landscape.


The display is enhanced, which means the concept of primary and secondary display is shun with a new menu bar and dock on every display and needs no configuration. It adds flexibility to our work and run multiple apps on different displays. I could run a full screen app on one display and multiple windows or full screen apps on the other displays. The interesting feature is the mission control wherein I can get an overview of what is happening on which display and customize the view my simply drag and drop of the thumbnails. This in turn clearly means that more can be done on each display. Also with Airplay and AppleTV, we can use HDTV to present a topic and at the same time use the Mac to use social media or take notes or run any app.



The calendar has got cleaner and better with new inspector manager that helps to enter the schedule along with the address. I can now plan my day and month in a better way along with real time feature. As you start typing the address along with each event you get suggestions from Map. It also gives the location of the address on Map, the weather forecast and the estimated time to reach the destination. More features are just a click away at Maps, where all navigation queries are answered.


Another of the most appealing feature I found on the new Mavericks is the tab search. You can create multiple tabs for multiple utilities say one for homework, another for a holiday trip etc in a single finder window. It helps easy navigation, transfer and search for files. To transfer one file from a folder to another, just the simple drag and drop. It also helps in what we term as ‘tag-search’. It displays all files with a particular name in one place instead of creating multiple folders. You just have to tag every file you have with any desired tag and all will be clubbed up to a single tag folder. For instance say you wish to tag multiple files with the word- “most urgent”. So the files tagged most urgent are clubbed and whenever you search for most urgent files all the files tagged with same name appear even if they are stored in different locations. I can use multiple tags on each file and it gets organized that way under each tag name. It not just helps me organize my files but also helps me search easy and quickly at times of “urgency”.


With the latest notification enhancement, mavericks gives a better way to deal with notifications. You get notifications and it helps you to handle them but responding instantly or deleting a particular message without even getting into your inbox! I do not have to leave the full screen app that I am using or hold a video call I am presently carrying out because I can easily set a callback reminder to get the notification after a specified time.


There are plenty of other additional features which include ibooks, icloud key chains etc. ibooks helps you connect with istore and all the books available. With this app all the books downloaded into ipad or iphone appear in the library. The icloud keychain app removes the hassle and pain of remembering passwords. It has a strong encryption technique which stores your password in an encrypted form. So now we can go ahead and store as many passwords including those of credit cards safely without worries. The battery boost up is absolutely commendable.