‘Ahlan Ramadan’ encourages healthy Ramadan

An intensive four day initiative Ahlan Ramadan, has commenced under the patronage of Ministry of Health.

United Arab Emirates: Tuesday, August 18 – 2009

A unique event, it will see UAE residents gain information about how to keep their physical health upbeat while going through the spiritual enhancement.

A panel of medical experts will deliver a series of talks and conduct interactive sessions on how to fast healthily during this holy month. Free medical check- ups as a precursor to a healthy Ramadan will also be conducted.

“The fast of Ramadan has spiritual significance as well as physical effects. Long hours of fasting may take a toll on the participant’s health. Ministry of Health is glad to support ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ which aims to reach out to the community and encourage adequate nutrition and continued health among the residents of UAE during the Holy month,” said Dr. Ali Bin Shukur the Director General of the Ministry of Health and head of the technical health committee, MOH.

“Typically we have noticed a trend in increased obesity and many incidence of diabetes during the Holy month because of irregular and inappropriate eating after breaking the fast. This endeavor will ensure that maximum numbers of residents are targeted to disseminate information about the appropriate way to eat and stay healthy,” said Dr. Wedad Al Maidor, family physician, director of PHC Dubai health centres, head of tobacco control team, MOH.

Conceptualized by ExHealth the campaign will be conducted at select corporate houses, social associations and labour camps across Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai. A team of dietician and chefs from BiteRite will demonstrate an array of healthy recipes. BiteRite is a part of the NMC hospitality sector; while free medical checkups shall be provided by RAK hospital in Sharjah and by Prime Medical Centre in Dubai and Ajman.

Dr. Samia Abdo, general physician Rifaa Clinic (MOH), Dr. Nader Lassan, diabetes specialist and endocrinologist Health Excel, Dr. Mohamed Shanshan, general practitioner RAK Hospital, Dr. Attiq Ul Rahman, (MOH) form the panel of medical experts.

The campaign will be followed by an Iftaar, on 25th August, hosted by the event’s hospitality partner – Emirates Concorde Hotel, Deira. Invitees will be selected through a draw system from among the audience present at the different venues where the campaign will be conducted.

“During Ramadan health problems can emerge as a result of excess food intake, foods that make the diet unbalanced and insufficient sleep, which is why we were inspired to conceptualize an event to prepare participating residents of UAE for a healthy Ramadan,”

said Dr. Prem Jagyasi, Managing Director and CEO, ExHealth.

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