5 Things to Do When You Start Your First Real Job

Landing your first real job, whether out of high school or college, is a joyous moment. You are now officially an adult, and you are now completely responsible for the future of your career.


After you have settled into your new job and completed the training, there are a few things you need to do to complete this transition into responsible adult.


1. Get your own insurance.

Most companies offer health insurance to their employees, so it’s very important that you take advantage of this. Using your employer’s insurance will typically cost you less than getting insurance on your own, and it’s likely you will not be covered under your parents’ insurance for much longer. Visit with your HR representative at work to discuss your insurance options, and choose the one that best fits with your current needs a lifestyle.


2. Choose a good dentist.

Along with choosing your medical insurance, you should also opt for dental insurance provided by your employer. Once you’ve done that,choose a dentist that’s reputable and provides the services you need. If you already have a great dentist, then you can skip this step. However, if you have moved because of your new job or if you are still using your pediatric dentist, now is the time to make a change. Your insurance provider can supply you with a list of in network dentists to make the decision easier, but you should also be sure to ask for recommendations and do your research on your own.


3. Start a savings account.

If you don’t currently have a savings account, or if you don’t save very well, now is the time to do so. If you have your paychecks directly deposited into your account, you can break them up into separate accounts. For example, have 90% placed into your checking account, and the other 10% placed into your savings account. This way, you will save money for a rainy day without having to lift a finger.


If your employer offers a 401k or another type of savings/retirement plan, sign up for it. Not only will this money come in handy at some point in your life, it’s also taken out of your checks before taxes.


4. Create a budget.

Once you start earning a regular paycheck, it’s important to create a budget. There are plenty of apps and websites that can help you with this, or you can opt to do it on your own using a spreadsheet. No matter how you do it, be sure to create a budget for yourself. Allocate money for your bills and certain leisure expenditures, such as dining out or shopping. Then, once the budget is created, stick to it. This will help you become financially responsible.


5. Go grocery shopping.

After you create your budget, you may realize how much money you spend on things like dining out. Get out of the habit of eating fast food for lunch and dinner every day and instead go to the grocery store. Buy food that you can bring to work for lunch, and buy food you can make yourself for dinner. There’s no reason to burn through that hard-earned paycheck because of food.


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