Healing is matter of opportunity

Enjoy while you heal, sometimes healing is matter of opportunity  If…

How to make glass shelves

Glass shelves make for very attractive alternative to wood shelving as they add a touch of translucent elegance to the room. There are two types of glass, namely tempered glass and safety glass which can be used for shelves. These are considered relativel

Transparency of care in medical tourism is very essential component for overall success.

Transparency of care in medical tourism is very essential…

How to reuse wine bottles at home

The empty and lifeless wine bottles that lie around the house can be put into use in numerous ways. Most of the time, these are sent to the recycling center. However, you will be surprised to know that these can be reused to make brilliant objects of home

How to repair bathroom sink

Fixing your bathroom plumbing problems, especially the sink can be time consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, there are many ways that can guide you to repair a bathroom sink all by yourself. These tips are so easy that even a beginner can also accompli

How to fix a broken floor tile

When the tiles are properly installed, they last for a lifetime. Still, there are many things that can spoil or damage a tile. And once the tiles get cracked or broken, there is possibly no way to get it repaired. However, in order to fix a broken tile, i

Price difference in healthcare explained. What cause disparity in medical cost from country to country?

A recent report on March 5, 2012 by International Federation…

The Era of Super Specialization in Healthcare

There were times when all healthcare needs of the patients…

Retail healthcare clinics in demand

Use of retail medical clinics located in pharmacies and other…

How to make a salad bench

Having salad greens and herbs year round in your backyard is not an impossible task. A salad bench is just apt for your little garden. It’s easy to maintain, inexpensive and will provide great pay-offs. Let us have a look at how to make a salad bench.Di