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Yoga poses to get rid of neck pain


Life has become a race and we are continuously striving for betterment. In our race to succeed, we often neglect the most vital wealth that we possess, our health. Long working hours, lack of exercise and bad posture can lead ...

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Best yoga postures for serious hikers


Hiking not only let you experience the adventure but also let you get closer to the nature. It refreshes the mind and body and gives a chance to getaway from the congested urban setting. Thousands of ardent hikers around the ...

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Yoga poses for a slim and fit body


Persistent yoga can help you achieve and maintain a slim and trim body. It can burn those extra pounds and ensure amazing weight loss. It lowers the stress levels and increases the sensitivity of the insulin levels, thus causing burning ...

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Essential yoga poses for women


Yoga is good for women, as it not only helps them increase the stamina and get a lean body but also helps them during pregnancy. Here are some of the essential yoga poses good for women:

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Yoga poses to ensure stress-free pregnancy


Yoga exercises and techniques are helpful during pregnancy. They help tackle the fatigue, leg cramps, mood swings, breathing problems, sickness etc. Moreover, they help in a healthy pregnancy with easy labor and hassle free delivery of the baby.

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Vital yoga poses or asanas for men


Yoga is a natural remedy for good body posture and muscles. Moreover, unlike gymming, yoga does not have the risk of workout injuries. Here are some of the essential yoga poses or asanas for men:

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Yoga poses for the mind and body


Yoga is not only good for the body posture or muscles but also for the mental health. A few easy poses can help you improve your mental and physical health. These poses not only help maintain stability, good posture but ...

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