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Coping up with respiratory allergies through Yoga


Allergies are known to affect millions of people across the globe. Respiratory allergies, in particular, are the most common types of allergies that are said to cause nuisance for many of us. Mainly affecting the respiratory system, this type of ...

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How Yoga helps treat ADHD


Yoga is all about channelizing your inner energies through positive ways. It is about developing holistic well being by concentrating your mind, soul and body. Yoga is not just about losing weight or meditating, but it also helps treat a ...

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Acuyoga: The modern healing technique


Yoga has been a traditional technique for healing the mind and the body for ages. But with more of research in the modern times doctors have come up with a new art of healing known as Acuyoga. This art uses ...

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Best yoga poses that help relieve Spondylitis

Also known as spondyloarthritis or spondyloarthropathy, Spondylitis is a collective term that covers any spinal column related, chronic disorders. Owing to our modern lifestyles, the painful disease sprouts from unhealthy habits like sitting hunched over computer screens and reading lying ...

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Best yoga poses that help deal with infertility

Infertility can be a traumatic experience for the affected people, given our society’s flawed notion about women being perceived as child bearers. In this regard, there are some Yoga poses that can improve your chances of conceiving. However, more importantly ...

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