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Yoga is beneficial in many ways and promotes wellbeing. Ancient people know that yoga has some therapeutic properties and it was used as an alternative method of curing or healing several disorders. Yoga is becoming immense popular across the world and serving people with multiple benefits.


Yoga therapy combines Patanjali and Ayurveda together in order to promote healing. It is beneficial in problems like arthritis, infertility, breast cancer, joint pain, and stress. It is also known to cure mental and emotional disorders. Yoga therapies help you to enhance internal mechanism and can improve blood circulation, respiratory system, and immunity. Apart from this, it is help to cure problems like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) among children. Practices like meditation and breathing exercises improves concentration and cure sleeping disorders. Many wellness and health centers and clinics are offering meditation and yoga classes to their patients. Practitioners believe that yoga therapies can heal and cure better than any other method or modern methods of treatments. Several studies show that person who practice yoga regularly he has better immunity.

Yoga can be beneficial when dealing with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term associated with a group of chronic disorders that impairs the brain’s ability to synchronize and coordinate body movements. While the symptoms of the condition may vary with different individuals, most people with cerebral palsy experience ...

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Using yoga therapy as a holistic healing technique

People have been using yoga to cure their illnesses since times immemorial. However, it only in recent years that people have realized the benefits of yoga as holistic healing technique. This is because most people only recognized the physical benefits ...

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Yoga poses to help busy women stay in shape

A woman has a tough life, as she has to comply with office work, errands, rearing children, and looking after the needs of other family members. Sometimes, managing all these tasks becomes over burdening that takes a toll on her ...

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Best Yoga poses to counter and control arthritis

Arthritis is a very uncomfortable condition in which an individual suffers from intense joint pain and inflammation. Most people complain of severe knee pain and cannot walk or move properly. Experienced yoga experts recommend some yoga poses for easing the ...

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