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health conscious folks

Five best North Indian yoga retreats for health conscious folks

Urban life makes us dull and also affects our health. One of the best ways to break away from the ...

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Hatha Yoga practitioners (2)

Beginner tips for Hatha Yoga practitioners

Hatha Yoga is the branch of Yoga that focuses on the physical health and mental wellbeing of practitioners. To ensure ...

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restorative Yoga (2)

All that you wanted to know about restorative Yoga

After the tedious working hours if anything can rejuvenate us, it’s Yoga. Relaxing the mind and the body are one ...

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path of fabulous breasts (2)

Yoga asanas that put you on the path of fabulous breasts

Women facing problems with breast size normally go in for surgeries, but surgeries can have several drawbacks and may result ...

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Yoga Festivals in summer 2016

Yoga Festivals in summer 2016 for yoga enthusiastic travellers

Yoga is definitely one of the best fitness formulas. It helps the in the strengthening of both body and mind. ...

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Yoga as an exercise

Yoga as an exercise to increase breast size and relieve back pain

To have that perfect hourglass figure is every woman’s dream. The size of the breast plays a vital role. Instead ...

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Hybrid Yoga

Hybrid Yoga is more than just a novelty – Things to know

Hybrid is basically combining two different things to get an innovative product. In the case of hybrid yoga, the asanas ...

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Drishti Yoga (1)

Using Drishti Yoga to improve your focus, vision and balance

Yoga is a practice that aims at building better control and coordination of the body and mind. However, for first ...

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treat  Cerebral Palsy

Yoga can be beneficial when dealing with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a term associated with a group of chronic disorders that impairs the brain’s ability to synchronize and ...

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eating disorders

The benefits of Yoga when dealing with eating disorders

Debate has risen over how yoga can fuel issues like eating disorders rather than treating them. Studies have noted that ...

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Aqua Yoga (1)

Achieving balance and peace with Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga or water yoga is a wonderful way of performing some of the land asanas easily. Water upto chest ...

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Jivamukti Yoga (3)

Everything you need to know about Jivamukti Yoga

One of the contemporarystyles of yoga is Jivamukti yoga, which was conceptualised by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The exactimplication ...

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