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Triphala churna: 6 Negative side effects

Since ancient times, triphala churna has been used as an Ayurvedic cure for several body ailments. Triphala is made of three fruits and is usually given to enhance digestion and appetite. It is also an excellent body cleanser. It is available in capsule as well as in powder form (churna). By taking in powdered form, you can easily control your intake as per the recommendations. Along with its anti-cancer properties, it can be consumed by anyone. It’s alteration in recommended dosage can lead to the fewer side effects like diarrhea, dehydration etc. Side effects can be short termed or long termed depending upon the exposure to the wrong dosage of triphala churna. Side effects also vary from person to person. Though triphala churna is pretty much beneficial to one’s health, it is advised to be aware of its side effects too. The most important thing to ponder in the case of triphala dosage is to keep your routine in check with a good physician. This will keep you away from triphala side effects.

Stomach issues

Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center has made it cleared that with the high dosage of triphala churna, one may face stomach issues like diarrhea, gastritis, upset digestive system and restlessness. These issues can also appear in the person who is taking triphala for the first time. Also, already existing stomach issues can enhance the problems. Center has also clarified that these issues are not serious at broader level if treated on time. Diarrhea is the most common side effect of triphala churna. It can happen with frequent and high dosage of triphala. If not treated on time, diarrhea may lead to the severe loss of body fluid leading to dehydration resulting in weakness and other issues. Hence, immediate treatment is recommended. It is wise to consult doctor before opting for triphala.

Alteration in cholesterol level

Alteration in cholesterol level is another side effect that you should be aware of. Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center has cleared the picture by saying that by consuming triphala churna, one may face cholesterol ‘up and down’ issues. Its one ingredient known as amalaki can induce side effects such as constipation.. Amalaki is also known as ’emblica’ in colloquial. While other researches have failed to proof the side effects caused by taking the herb amalaki yet alteration in cholesterol level has been observed after consuming triphala in which amalaki is an active constituent. Prolonged exposure to triphala churna can irritate you with the cholesterol issue. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a good doctor if you already facing some cardiac problems.

Roller coaster of blood sugar level

If you are facing cholesterol issue already, there are the like chances of you dealing with blood sugar level as well. Triphala is made up of several ingredients and some of them can take your blood sugar on a roller coaster. It has been found that amalaki, who is found responsible for the alteration in blood cholesterol level, can cause fluctuations in blood sugar level too. If you face such issue after the consumption of triphala churna, a wise step will be to stop taking it immediately and consulting a good doctor. Longer you will be avoiding the concern, higher will the chances of getting into cardiac troubles. Stick with the right dosage of triphala to be its forever companion.

Weight loss concerns

As triphala can cause diarrhea easily, one can face weight loss issues as its suffix. Prefix to this situation is a huge loss of liquid from the body. Releasing body liquid deprives you from the necessary minerals and nutrients from the body. If essential body nutrients keep losing from the body on the frequent basis, weight loss is the most obvious consequence to this. This may also lead to the dehydration of the body. Dehydration will leave you feeling weak with some other health concerns. Therefore, it is utmost important to get the treatment on time and refraining yourself from taking triphala. Sloan-Kettering has also supported that diarrhea can also be caused to the first time consumers. So be advised by a good physician before you opt for triphala churna as your resort.

Damage of colon muscles

Although this is a rare side effect of taking triphala churna, it will be good to keep yourself updated about this side effect too. As diarrhea is the most common side effect caused by the higher and prolonged usage of triphala, its long term occurrence can exert pressure on colon muscles. The prolonged high pressure ruptures the colon muscles. This side effect can be avoided if you are stuck with the recommended dose of triphala. If you are not sure about the recommended dose, consult your doctor regarding this. Pregnant women should refrain themselves by taking triphala in any form as triphala puts pressure on the lower body regions. It may lead to the serious problem like abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should also consult their doctors if they are keen consume triphala.

Increase in gastrointestinal gas

Alteration in the dosage of triphala churna can also be the responsible factor of increase in the gastrointestinal issues which means increased amount of gas formation in intestines. This issue can also lead to diarrhea. If you have altered your triphala dosage, this change will upset your digestive system including intestines. In the reaction, there can be increased amount of gas production in your intestines. Increased gas production will certainly irritate you making you restless all the time. To keep this problem at bay, always stick to your recommended dose and if you want to alter the dose, first consult any good physician and then gradually introduce your body to the new triphala routine. This is the ultimate key to keep side effects caused by triphala churna at bay.

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