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Erectile Dysfunction Alternative Medicine

Erectile Dysfunction: Alternative Medicine

Top Alternative Medicine

1. Flowers of drumstick

Boiling around 30 gm of drumstick flowers along with one cup of milk, and eating them every day is known to cure sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and increase semen production as well. Drumstick flowers are high in carotene, vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium and are very beneficial for overall health as well.

2. Dry fruits

Several dry fruits have strong nutrients that help in treating erectile dysfunction. A mixture of these dry fruits can be made and stored for regular use. Take equal amounts of apricots, cashews, walnuts, prunes, and raisins and grind to form a powder. Add half a cup of organic honey and the juice of three small sized lemons. Take one teaspoon an hour before every meal. You will feel the difference within a month.

3. Raisins

Black raisins are rich in arginine which treat sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction effectively. Take 30 gm of raisins and cook them with half a liter of milk. Once the raisins become swollen and soft, they are ready to be eaten. A glass of milk, too, must be taken afterwards. Wait for a month for the results. If the results are slow to come, increase the intake of raisins to 50 gm a day.

4. Zinc

Zinc is a very essential mineral for sexual health. Foods that are rich in zinc, like oysters, beans, meat, eggs fresh water fish, etc., can be consumed every day in order to prevent erectile dysfunction from surfacing. While traveling, zinc supplements can be taken.

5. Carrots

Carrots, along with clarified butter, are known to be a powerful aphrodisiac and are followed by many men to enhance their sexual performance. Grate the carrots and cook with cow’s milk or clarified butter. You may add sugar and cardamom to enhance the taste. The beta carotene in carrots helps in treating sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.

6. Onion

White onions are best for treating erectile dysfunction. Fry onions in clarified until they turn brown by keeping the flame low. Eat this before meals along with one spoon of honey, which is also a potent aphrodisiac. Onions taken on their own, too, can have the same effect. Using a combination of natural remedies can give better results than using a single remedy.

7. Garlic

Garlic has many health benefits and is also an aphrodisiac. Take 5 to 6 cloves of garlic and crush them. Eat this every day to keep your blood clear and increase your sexual prowess. Garlic also removes clots in the blood and leads to smooth flow of blood. Garlic can also be taken after heating it on low flame along with clarified butter made from cow’s milk until it becomes golden brown in color. Consume this every day and you will notice a difference within weeks. This remedy could be a problem while traveling as it is difficult to fry clarified butter and garlic while on the move.

8. Almond and milk

Again, this is a wonder remedy and provides lots of vitamin E required for sexual as well as reproductive health. Three to four almonds have to be crushed and taken with a glass of warm milk before bedtime. Do this diligently for a month and experience the height of sexual passion with your spouse!

9. Honey and walnut

A natural aphrodisiac of great properties, walnut contains all the right minerals for optimum sexual health like potassium, iron, zinc etc. But, it is the arginine present in walnuts that deserves special mention. Arginine dilates the blood vessels, helping in the attainment of an erection. Honey, too, has aphrodisiac properties and can be added along with walnut to increase its effectiveness. Honey contains vitamin E, B and zinc which, too, are good for sexual health. Honey and walnut can be taken thrice a day after meals. A glass of milk must be taken immediately after to help in absorption of the vitamins and minerals. A month’s treatment is necessary before results start showing.

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