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War Tourism Guide

What is war tourism?

War tourism is travelling to battle fields and frontiers where the traces of combat between the rival troops are still fresh as if the smell of cordite has just fired off a gun. War sites lure a section of tourists who are turned on by the adventure and adrenaline pumped thrill drawn from a war tourism site.

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Travel and tourism arrangements in war tourism

Tour operators and travel agents function in the macro as well as micro level and take care of conducting war tourism giving the customer maximum satisfaction against the money he has paid. Travel agents vary in size and sphere of operation. There is a stiff competition for survival, and the one which achieves the maximum benefit to price structure ratio ...

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Why war tourism matters

The fact has been firmly established that war tourism leads to exchange of benefits both material and intellectual. The financial benefits flowing from visiting tourists are of great importance for sustaining war tourism. Making war tourism sites as a consumer product presentable to the prospective customer needs constant patronage by the government and preservation by the tourism department.

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Top 10 war tourism destinations across the globe

Spots famous for war tourism are scattered across the globe. They offer a varied spectrum of view and land topography. Some are located in the fringes where borders between warring nations meet. Some are located in the deserts and similar barren terrain and others are located right amid cities and towns where human settlement is the focus of assault.

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Things to do post war tourism

After completion of war tourism you will feel it is just another beginning. A lot of things waiting ahead and they have a close link with war tourism that you have just finished. As it is an accepted fact that war tourism has an immense academic potential, you may carry this feature ahead beyond your tour itinerary and share the ...

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Preparations for war tourism

Preparations for war tourism undoubtedly start with gathering of knowledge and the right information. While knowledge enlightens you about all the facts and figures of one or more than one war tourism destinations, right information guides you towards planning and mentally prepares you to set out of your doorsteps. If you fail in gathering sufficient knowledge, visit to the war ...

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Best practices to be implemented in war tourism

Best practices of war tourism would come from multiple sources. The tourist, the ministry of tourism, the local chain of business catering to the needs of the visiting tourist and last but not the least the role of local residents, a responsibility to deliver and a right to enjoy so far as best practices of war tourism is concerned. The ...

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Activities in war tourism

Tourists gather around the war tourism sites in search of adventure, thrill and information and to achieve their desire the tourist needs to keep himself occupied in different sorts of activities . He runs around the war site wielding his photography kit following the guide, stopping over strategic locations to take snaps of all he finds around interesting and important.

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