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Science and technology museums that harbor the growth of human civilization

Overall Exploratorium, San Francisco

Science and technology correlates itself directly to innovation and learning; science and technology museums works to make this process of learning even more interactive, relatable and hands on experience. Old science museums generally focused on static displays of objects related to paleontology, geology, industry and machinery. However, the modern ideology has added yet another dimension of curiosity to it.

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Famous Walt Disney hotels around the world

Disney’s Contemporary Resort (2)

Disney has been a part of our childhood, and though the tastes of the new generations have changed, Disney still stays as an important part of childhood. Disney’s World Resorts are famous for their dream like ambience and excellent facilities. If you want to gift your kids a memorable holiday, then take them to one of the Disney World Hotels ...

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Destinations that do not welcome visitors

Lascaux Cave_2

The world is full of magnificent places to see and visit, but there are some sites you are just not allowed in. Either it is a secret military facility, satellite installation or a network of tunnels used by certain governments as bunkers, those places are banned for the general public to visit and most likely will remain this way. This ...

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