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Top five ancient walls that you must see

Walls signify fortification and creation of personal space. The ancient Chinese regimes erected walls to mark their territory and fortify it against enemy attacks. There are many natural walls; however, some walls that exist around the world are manmade wonders that have withstood the passage of time. We bring you top five ancient walls that you must see ones in ...

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The world’s most expensive streets

They might have the best shopping options or the best views; some streets across the world are very expensive where rich and influential people want to buy real estate. These are the most expensive streets in the world, where buying a real estate property might make a big hole in your pocket. Check out the list:

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Most abandoned places that attract travellers

You must have seen many ghost towns in various movies. The abandoned places are not the figment of imagination of some author sitting on his chair, burning the midnight oil. Many interesting places had to be abandoned due to reasons ranging from war, natural disaster, to depleting natural resources. Check out some of the interesting real life locations abandoned by ...

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How to choose the right travel club

Do you have the overwhelming love for travelling places no matter how remote they are on the globe and keeping it economical and hassle free? Then for certainty, you have to subscribe to a good Travel Club that provides its members easy access to online booking services in order to find the best flights according to time, flexibility and economic ...

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Strange places that you'd consider avoid visiting


Travelling is one of the best ways to leave the frustrations of the daily monotonous home and job life behind and welcoming a few days of invigoration and relaxation. However, tourist destinations too can be extremely dangerous at times. Many areas have a severe pollution problem while others have risky roads and poor sanitary conditions. Below is a list of ...

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