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Top destinations around the world that are eco friendly

An eco friendly vacation does not always mean roughing it in the wild, there are many travel destinations that offer five star luxuries while being aware of the environment.


The first destination is the Guludo Beach Lodge that is located in the Quirmbas National park in Mozambique. Here you can enjoy long walks on unspoiled beaches, the underwater marvels, learn how to scuba dive and much more. The Guludo beach was built with the aim of using tourism as a platform to develop the poorer and more rural communities and 5% of the profits of the Guludo lodge go towards the  Nema Foundations that over sees the community and conservations projects. The lodge is made using services and materials that are locally sourced.


Another green global vacation spot is the Jungle bay Resort in the Dominica, which is known for its natural beauty and hot sulfur springs. The eco friendly aspect of this destination is that it uses tourism to preserve the local communities and the environment. This Caribbean island is different from the others in that it moves away from the seas and beaches and draws attention on the nature based activities that promotes awareness of the forests and the other natural wonders of the Caribbean.


The Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania offers a wilderness experience that is truly unique and is located right on the Cradle Mountain-Lake at the St. Clair national park. The lodge operates on an elaborate system that uses tourism and its revenues to conserve the natural fauna, flora and upgrade the natural tracks of the National park.

The White Pod resort in Switzerland is the best snow retreat that looks after the environment as well; here you will find tents shaped like domes through within you can experience the Alps in a low impact way. The lodge is only accessible through hiking during the summers, snow shoes and dog sleds.

The pods are put on wooden platforms and can even be dismantled and reassembled without creating a very big impact. The White Pod resort also uses energy sources that are renewable and the spa sources their materials from the natural, local resources. They have even been awarded for their innovation efforts in eco tourism.


If you are in British Columbia make sure you go to the Nimmo Bay Resort in the Great Bear forest, here you can enjoy rock climbing, hiking, fishing and kayaking in natural surroundings. The lodge is powered by a hydro system and also has refuge-elimination and extensive recycling.

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