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Top 5 honeymoon destinations 2013

[box_dark]Top 5 honeymoon destinations 2013[/box_dark]

Most newlyweds tend to stick to traditional honeymoon destinations though a lot of people like to chuck such dated ideas and go where none of their friends and family have gone before. Here are the top honeymoon destinations for the year 2013.

1. St. Lucia

The incredible restaurants, fun water activities and gorgeous beaches of St. Lucia attracts adventurous and active couples from around the globe. Couples can enjoy all-inclusive spa treatments, dinner on the beach, sunset boat cruise and revel in the green and lush environ of the tropical island.


2. Fiji

Newlyweds can enjoy being pampered in a top end spa, visit small villages, go hiking or kayaking or snorkeling in Fiji though the privacy that the small island nation offers is a welcome change after the chaos of a big wedding. To celebrate your honeymoon in style, you can always rent an ocean view villa with a private pool and a private beach!


3. St. Bart’s

For those who want the first world amenities of a European destination as well as tropical sunshine, St. Barth’s is just the spot. Undeniably romantic, chic and European, the French-owned island is home to a fabulous town full of cultural activities, shopping venues and the fine cuisine restaurants.


4. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Studded with small family-run restaurants, cute little shops and incredible views, the Amalfi Coast makes honeymooners swoon. The beach area around the coast is small but gorgeous and couples can always explore the heart of Italy in style in rustic towns and villages around the coast.


5. Croatia

The hiking destinations, national parks, unique culture and beautiful beaches of Croatia allow couples to explore the traditional and modern sides of Europe that makes their honeymoon a blissful experience full of surprises and pleasant sights.


  • Seriously all the places are famous for its beauty.. Well i have choosen spain for my honeymoon. I already accommodate a beautiful villa too for our stay:)

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