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Best cafes and restaurants to visit Porto, Portugal


Porto is a popular, romantic and glamorous city in Portugal. The city having a mountain character lies on a plateau over a very attractive river valley.  The photogenic landscapes and artistic features   attract a whole team of European tourists. The Urban Adventure Porto tour starts with a coffee and pastry, and ends with a port wine. It also provides the ...

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Visiting the capital Lisbon, Portugal


  Lisbon the capital of Portugal is   seated over a number of steep hills. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is regarded as one of the laid back cities of Europe. A visit to Lisbon forces a tourist to stroll on the cobbled streets, ride a tram, enjoy Lisbon food and discover the hidden secrets of the city. ...

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Things to do in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle

Beverly Hills Golden Triangle

Los Angeles is a beautiful place usually preferred by many couples for their honeymoon destination. Even the family with kids and elderly people are also welcome in this trip.  The management of Urban Adventures has made the tour package very attractive with the visit to many attractive places, lot of activities and food. It is also very fascinating to speak ...

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Amazing visiting places in Phokara, Nepal

Pokhara Nepal

Relaxation in Nepal will be a great idea if you have quite stressed out from the daily schedule. You must call up the reputed travel agent or company arranging the travel trip today and get the quotes. You can even state your own budget while going for the city tour. The representative within the tour management team will definitely help ...

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Summer holiday guide in Italy with beach resorts

italy beach resorts

Italy is another wonderful tourist destination which is enjoyed by thousands of people across the world. If you are looking for the beach holidays, Italy would be the wonderful place. You will get number of hotels and resorts in Italy which have wonderful view once you peep out from the window or balcony adjacent to your bedroom. There are also ...

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Summer holiday destinations in× Turkey for 2014

destinations in turkey

Turkey is one of the unusual places where people wish to visit during their summer holidays. But, before you plan for such holidays, you need to follow a guide. Companies dealing with travel arrangements can easily provide wonderful guides who can show you the places which you have never visited before. The telegraph travel Turkey expert, Terry Richardson has advised ...

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