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World’s most amazing castles

By definition, a castle is a fortified structured built by nobility. This differs from a palace that was not equipped with defence structures, and a fortress, which was not a residential space for nobility. Generally, a castle was used to both defend the people inside and it was used as a platform on which to attack the approaching enemy. A ...

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World’s biggest protected parks

Areas that are preserved, maintained, or managed for their cultural, natural, or ecological values are known as protected areas. These areas serve to prevent a loss, extinction, or damage to species, ecosystems, or cultural practices. Many protected areas have been very successful in doing just that and are valued for their success in preserving particular attributes native to the area. ...

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Amazing hotel pools in the world

Swimming is not always meant for sport-related purposes. It is often associated with fun or relaxation. Around the world hotels design and construct pools that offer their guests various experiences. The pools sometimes incorporate their surroundings into their designs, or they reflect their environment. Whether it is an infinity pool or a pool with multiple levels, these five pools will ...

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Most haunted and scary place around the world

You might love testing your breath with extremely terrifying rides or creepy bloodcurdling movies. Zombies, Spirits and ghosts are fictional but you never know if they come out real in front of you. If you are a daredevil too, there are nerve trembling places you would certainly want to try out with your friends. Pay a visit to and check ...

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5 most dangerous cities to avoid

Caracus, Venezuela Caracus is the capital of Venezuela, and though it once termed as one of the most amazing cities of the world, it is presently not very safe to travel too alone, especially when you are a traveler. Caracus has been recently involved in a chain of drug gangs, which has also lead to theft and crimes in broad ...

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