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Importance of planning in war tourism

War tourism needs to be bound within a planning premise well ahead of the time when the tourist sets on his trip. Most important aspect of planning is the financial preparation without which his desire for war tourism would just be a pipe dream. The tourist needs to do serious homework and get to know the ruling tariffs and prices ...

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Is war tourism for you?

War tourism is definitely going to be a unique form of tourism. It is endowed with historical significance, strategic nuances, military science and of course the shrewd political game and ensuing conflicts that eventually culminates into a carnival of slaughter and destruction.

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How to get more information on war tourism

Since the dawn of civilization battles had been fought between nations. On a larger scale, we have the wars with massive devastating impacts where a larger number of nations are involved. When economic, political and other interests clash and no amicable solutions come up nations expose their tooth and claws in an attempt to resolve matters through armed assault of ...

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Key drivers of war tourism

There has to be some terrific reasons behind the success of war tourism. What is it that drives tourists in large numbers to battle fields and frontiers once stained with human blood, polluted with gun smoke and the air filled with the cries of victory and woes of defeat? The battle ground itself is a big tourist attraction. However, certain ...

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History of war tourism

War tourism is not a recent phenomenon. It is the man’s desire that has driven him to battlefields not as a soldier, but as a spectator to watch the aftermath which is now a history. Early visits to battlefields are illustrated with the burning example of Mary Seacole, the philanthropist from the Caribbean. Born in 1805 in the Caribbean Island ...

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History of Dark Tourism

Dark tourism has a long and proven history. It was a pronounced phenomenon during the middle ages. It assumed a huge proportion in the Romantic period at the later stage of eighteenth century. Mass cemeteries, gruesome dungeons and public punishment gallows, pillories and decapitation grounds have lured throngs of visitors since ages bygone. The bloodstained battlefield of waterloo drew inquisitive ...

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Essential components of dark tourism

Dark tourism is founded upon a platform not quite common with its counterpart tourism niches. Apparently the components sound negative blocking any inflow of tourists and exactly here lies the paradox. Words and elements like carnage, war, death, torture, mass graveyard and catastrophe should have been quite disgusting for the visiting tourists extinguishing their interest, but to the contrary these ...

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Do’s and don’ts in Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is way different from other forms of tourism that offers pure bliss and the tourists and locals happy to meet each other. Dark tourism attractions rest on a sordid platform of sufferings, death and disaster inflicted upon others that you stand to explore on your tour and draw satisfaction. The victims of genocides or natural disaster could well ...

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Countries promoting Dark Tourism

Countries housing Dark tourism destinations have realized that the disasters that struck them in the past bringing in tragedy, grief and death have in fact turned into a commercial blessing luring tourists from around the world. This has contributed immensely towards the development of the concerned country’s tourism industry and economy in general. Needless to mention the academic and research ...

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