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Do’s and don’ts in Dark Tourism

Dark tourism is way different from other forms of tourism that offers pure bliss and the tourists and locals happy to meet each other. Dark tourism attractions rest on a sordid platform of sufferings, death and disaster inflicted upon others that you stand to explore on your tour and draw satisfaction. The victims of genocides or natural disaster could well ...

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Activities in war tourism

Tourists gather around the war tourism sites in search of adventure, thrill and information and to achieve their desire the tourist needs to keep himself occupied in different sorts of activities . He runs around the war site wielding his photography kit following the guide, stopping over strategic locations to take snaps of all he finds around interesting and important.

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Understanding and combating child sex tourism

Child sex tourism as we can clearly understand from the term refers to people with tourist status who perpetrate sexual exploitation of small children. These tourists can be domestic or international travelers. According to an estimate, the figure for international tourists will be about 1.8 billion by 2030, and with that, the risk of sexual abuse of children is likely ...

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Top hiking destinations across the world

There are popular tourist destinations that will involve some amount of walking, and if you are an adventure lover, you would enjoy some beautiful sites, both natural and man-made while hiking through some of these marvelous trails. We look at top hiking trails from around the world that should not be missed by those who are looking forward to a ...

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Is Religious Tourism For You?

Religious Tourism

At the negative extremity you may not be religiously inclined, but still the destinations of religious fame may hold an extraordinary charm that you fail to resist the temptation. Just think about the Vatican, for example. What an awe inspiring piece of architecture waiting for you to throw you off your breath. No words no matter how enticing they are ...

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Precautions and preventions in religious tourism


Religion is a super sensitive issue. Precautionary measures to be taken in religious tourism are many. Faith has a powerful impact on one’s mind where rationality and logical thought process might be causalities. Tourists often blindly rely on self proclaimed god men and unscrupulous guides who lead you to disaster. They are cunning and plan their attack on your psychology, ...

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Tips to Travel Alone

single traveller

Travelling can be an adventure, even more when you are travelling alone. Here are a few tips to consider before you go solo on your next journey. Know your strengths You might feel like you are going crazy if you can’t communicate, so head for where you speak the language. If you are an introvert, go somewhere with very few ...

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