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Best practices to be implemented in war tourism

Best practices of war tourism would come from multiple sources. The tourist, the ministry of tourism, the local chain of business catering to the needs of the visiting tourist and last but not the least the role of local residents, a responsibility to deliver and a right to enjoy so far as best practices of war tourism is concerned. The ...

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Fresh tourist attractions across the world

Some cool tourist attractions will be launched this year and in the coming years. With breath taking architecture and scenic views, these places have been designed to lure visitors and tourists. These places are not just adventurous but also comprise of artificial museums along with award winning architecture. These places spread across the world at located at heights never reached ...

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Key Drivers of Religious Tourism

Religious tourism

The most important driving force to inspire religious tourism is the intensity of faith. A religious site is a destination looked upon by tourist with great awe and respect. At times, scientific explanations and logic fails answering a crisis. Seeking a solution at the altar of god seems the last resort. This infuses hope and a need for a sacred ...

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Activities while on religious tourism

Religious tourism

Religious tourism calls for a set of activities that may have a very delicate tone. The tourist needs to abide by certain cultural etiquettes, which are considered an integral part of the religion of the country of his visit. Violation of these sets of rules would mean hurting the local religious sentiments. The holy sites are dotted with wonderful monuments ...

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Top 10 eco tourism destinations for new experience in Europe


Ecotourism is fast gaining pace in the environmentally deprived world today. The objective of eco-compatible excursions is to make the tourist aware of the importance of ecological conservation and other related issues. The tourists are taken to places that are relatively undisturbed by human intervention in comparison to the regular holiday destinations. The top 10 eco-travel destinations of the world ...

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Preparations for going on cultural tourism


The tourist wakes up to a call one fine morning from a country famed for cultural tourism and packs his luggage. No the things does not work that way. Neither does his cultural juice collect overnight which inspire him on a cultural expedition abroad. Cultural tourism calls for a thorough preparation that would make your voyage and its memory settle ...

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Key drivers of cultural tourism

Mughal gardens in Kashmir

Accomplishments of cultural tourism rest heavily upon certain key factors the significance  of which cannot go unnoticed. The prime aspect for making cultural tourism a much sought after venture lies in the attitude of the government and tourism department and their continued patronage. The government of a country generally upholds the cultural value of a nation fostering its tourist worth. ...

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Essential components of cultural tourism

The aesthetic vibes that mold casts a society is perhaps the most important component of cultural tourism. Much of the charm is lost with the tourist facing a shocking reality that in his dream destination what culture means is just a few splendid pieces of artwork set amid a bland mass of local inhabitants whose character is as uninteresting and ...

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Do’s and don’ts in cultural tourism


In a cultural tourism, it is important you show due respect to the culture of the country of your visit. It is quite possible that country has a language that may sound outlandish! However, that must not be a reason that you respond to the alien language with a gesture of ridicule. This is certainly a bad manner inviting resentment. ...

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Best practices to be implemented in cultural tourism

cultural tourism

Promoting cultural tourism is fine. The tourist influx to the cultural heritage sites mounts as does the financial reserve in the state treasury and the tourism department’s coffer flow with cash pouring in. However, a focus of concern concentrates on reconciling two conflicting objectives. Higher the number of tourists visiting the archeological sites for example, higher is the chance of ...

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