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Why should you visit Khajuraho?

Exploring Khajuraho is an amazing experience perhaps the best in the school of ancient Indian temple art and architecture that can leave a visitor dazed. The entire region in the vicinity of the temples is extremely tidy and well preserved. The temples are richly decorated though almost a thousand years have elapsed since their creation. The tourist gets an impression ...

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Role of nature and environment on Khajuraho art

The life and culture of people in Bundelkhand area during the reign of Chandelas were significantly controlled by the surrounding environment. Quarries of stone, mounds of pebbles, covers of woods, reservoirs and natural sources of water affected their regular activities kept them occupied with steady employment and found expression in their contribution to art and architecture. The mines located in ...

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Portugal Vs Spain – A traveler’s affair

Are you planning a trip to a true European insight? Are you in an internal conflict? Spain? Portugal? Is this dilemma bothering you? Well, if yes, then there is a solution to it.  While making a difficult choice, choose a better destination, for it is Portugal. European culture has engraved its expertise in a many a fields like music, sculpture, ...

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Khajuraho- A critical evaluation from socio cultural angle

Bundelkhand under the reign of Chandela Rajputs evolved into a prosperous civilization attaining a high degree of cultural refinement. Kings encouraged art and architecture that saw new dimensions with a vision and thought process built on progressive lines. The society was balanced and constructed on a strong foundation of affluence both pertaining to intellectual sphere and material wealth as well. ...

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What to see in Khajuraho?

Khajuraho has a different kind of charm in store for a traveler. The place is neat and dry, and the summer temperatures around April and May quite high with a very low humidity level. This is famous for temples on which erotic art is engraved in an amazing manner depicting philosophies of love and sex of a different dimension. However, ...

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Life of people in ancient Khajuraho

Ancient Khajuraho, forming a part of the Bundelkhand Empire under the reign of Chandela Rajputs was a progressive civilization. The people lived in a prosperous and a well administered society. They had a high regard for the divine, were intellectually sharp with a gift of talent that saw wonderful expression in temple decor and sculpting.

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