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Khajuraho: International Love and Art History:

Khajuraho, located  in present Chattarpur district of  Madhya Pradesh has gained international fame for depicting art that flourished during Hindu and Jain periods in ancient India under the patronage of Chandela kings of the Bundelkhand. The art is featured in exquisite temples and carvings of human and animal figures on temples and monuments. A specialized collection of art and architecture ...

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Top five European destinations for gays to have fun

Europe has a number of great tourist destinations for gay/lesbians. Choosing a right destination is a must for enjoyable and hassle free travel especially for LGBT community. You should feel comfortable in the new place, and the people should be broad minded, and helpful. Europe is full of heritage sites, as well as leads the world in art music, fashion, ...

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Key drivers of festival tourism

Acceptance demonstrated by the local residents towards visiting tourists is a key factor behind making a country a popular festival tourist destination. Generally, the attitude is positive and warm, and there is no demarcation seen in alienating foreigners from participating in a local festival. The influx of tourists contributes to the commercial activities. The inflow of money is generated with ...

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Best puerto Rico Food Items, Dishes, Cuisines avilable in Restaurants- Top 10 spiciest and tastiest cuisines in Puerto Rico

Top 10 spiciest and tastiest cuisines in Puerto Rico One of the reasons the tourists adore the cuisine of Puerto Rico is it is a distinctive combination of cultures, ingredients and recipes. Although Puerto Rican food has the heredity of native Spanish, Taino Indians and the African slaves in Spanish and Caribbean cuisine, it has its own creature. The foods ...

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Best food items avilable in Jamaica Restaurants – Top 10 delicious cuisines of Jamaica Restaurants

Top 10 delicious cuisines of Jamaica Apart from the various adventures and the various tourist attractions in Jamaica, you can enjoy the flavoursome dishes in Jamaica. This is known to be one of the best tourist destinations, where you can get to enjoy various creative dishes. Below mentioned are the top 10 cuisines of Jamaica. Jerk Chicken – Jamaican cooking ...

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