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Beautiful hiking spots too good to resist for photography lovers

If you have always been passionate about photography and particularly of breath-takinglocales, you cannot miss out on hiking spots. Yes, some of the hiking spots across the world have the most astounding and incredible views which are worth capturing in your eyes and on your camera lens. Here are a few such hiking spots, which photography lovers just cannot afford ...

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Ten places you should visit in 2015

It is a fact that the world is an amazing place for a tourist. However, the various constraints have limited our choice. A lot of research work and exploration has been put into the effort to find out what is hot around next year for the tourists to explore. Here we have come up with top ten tourist paradises where ...

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Top 6 upcoming winter festivals

Winter brings a gush of cold waves and a plethora of festivals which you might miss out if you are panicky about sea bottom temperatures and prefer to stay indoors. If you travel in winter, it is a fact that you will manage it at a lesser expense than in other seasons of the year. Here are some detailed sketches ...

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Countries promoting extreme tourism

Countries blessed with extremes of natural features and challenging landforms have realized their worth. They could easily see the enormous appeal their country has on the tourists out for a hunt to explore the death defying challenges offered. No sooner the realization struck and the huge potential in extreme destinations assessed, efforts for marketing extreme tourism had been on the ...

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Top 10 destinations in sustainable tourism

The need for sustainable tourism is strongly felt among the stakeholders of the tourism industry. The entire collection of entities having a direct or indirect relationship with the tourism industry cannot stay as silent spectators when the very survival of the industry is jeopardized. The future of tourism depends upon the sustenance of a travel destination. The ministry of tourism, ...

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