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Ten places you should visit in 2015

It is a fact that the world is an amazing place for a tourist. However, the various constraints have limited our choice. A lot of research work and exploration has been put into the effort to find out what is hot around next year for the tourists to explore. Here we have come up with top ten tourist paradises where ...

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Restaurant that go beyond taboos to offer food

By the time, the taste and preferences of people are also changing. Some love traditional food and some love to try different cuisines. Every culture has different rules regarding food and drinks some religions and their values do not support the consumption of alcohol and meat. Some of them also banned in some countries and cities but some resorts still ...

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Countries promoting Dark Tourism

Countries housing Dark tourism destinations have realized that the disasters that struck them in the past bringing in tragedy, grief and death have in fact turned into a commercial blessing luring tourists from around the world. This has contributed immensely towards the development of the concerned country’s tourism industry and economy in general. Needless to mention the academic and research ...

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Countries promoting romantic tourism

With the prospect of romantic tourism gaining momentum and with the bucketful of dough pouring in from the consumers end, nations have put in a serious effort to market their potential inspiring romantic tourism. Multiple factors and an assortment of features can inspire romantic tourism. It may be the culinary magic, the availability of some terrific wine and cheese combination, ...

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