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7 Destinations not to visit on Valentine’s Day

February 14th every year has a very special significance for the lovers. Valentine’s Day would certainly portray a picture of a romantic getaway far from the discordant tune of regular mundane aspects of life. On this lover’s day both of you can expect special treatment. Wonderful landscapes and picturesque destination with an idyllic environment ensures no one disturbs you. But ...

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Understanding Volcano and Geothermal tourism

Nature often amazes us with its beauty. We cannot imagine what nature can hide inside it and witnessing a volcanic and thermal eruption is an amazing experience. It is the most inspiring and rare displays in nature. It can give reflects natural beauty of the earth and on the other side it gives an idea about how cruel nature could ...

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Top 10 Asian travel destinations every eco tourist would love to visit


Asia, with its climatic diversity and abundant greenery and water systems, is home to a large range of flora and fauna in its ecosystems. This makes some of the Asian countries, especially the Southeast Asian countries, remarkable eco-tourism destinations. Laos, Malaysia and Philippines are some of the locations that are internationally recognized as highly acclaimed eco-tourism hubs. Well-organized guided ecotourism ...

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Terrifying countries that thrill seekers need to know of


Some countries are known for their beauty and enchanting natural surroundings, while others are known for their rough housing, haunted attractions and shocking revelations. Well, yes! There are some countries that will truly terrify your guts. So, if you are ready for some adventure, then here is a list of some terrifying countries that must be your next travel destination! ...

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Top tourist destinations in Bali, indonesia

  Bali is an island and the smallest administrative division of Indonesia with population of 3,890,757. Island is the home for the most Indonesia’s Hindu Minority. Bali is the largest tourist destination in the country with highly developed arts, traditional dance, leather, metalworking and Music. The resorts of Bali’s are voted as number one in the world. It has a ...

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Amazing bali beaches, Indonesia

Bali has many beaches and each one is famous for its own importance. Bali beaches look great in the dry season, from about April to October. During this period at western coastal areas the beaches like Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Cangu and Jimbaran the soil erosion is minimal by which they look clean and calm. Here is the list of bali ...

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