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Hotels that lure travelers with a spooky façade

Have you ever thought of a vacation in a haunted creepy place? Sounds scary? Many hotels have noted experiencing paranormal activities by their staff or visitors, and as such become destinations for people looking to stare down a ghost. Some of the Canada’s haunted hotels are mentioned below. Enjoy the spookiest vacations there and get a tale to tell the ...

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Understanding and combating child sex tourism

Child sex tourism as we can clearly understand from the term refers to people with tourist status who perpetrate sexual exploitation of small children. These tourists can be domestic or international travelers. According to an estimate, the figure for international tourists will be about 1.8 billion by 2030, and with that, the risk of sexual abuse of children is likely ...

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Myths and realities of eco tourism

Are you interested in eco-tourism? Have you heard lots about this comparatively newer form of tourism but want to know the true facts? Well, this article is exclusively for you. Here are some common myths of eco-tourism and the actual facts behind them. Go through them: Myths of Eco Tourism You might have heard a lot about eco-tourism. But is ...

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Budgeting festival tourism


Festival tourism might seem to drain your financial resource, but it isn’t really so. All you need is planning your expenses well in advance. Carnivals, joy rides and fun gadgets that run on the eve of festivals quite naturally have an entry fee which you need to pay if you gonna have fun experiencing these added amusements. You must set ...

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Tree top dining in Thailand koh samui resort

Set high around the tree best at SonevaKiri resort in Thailand, visitors have the opportunity to feast in their remarkable home. Bold coffee shops secure a calfskin seatbelt and get raised 16 feet into the local massang trees, where there are fantastic elevated perspectives of the encompassing shores. “Flying servers” get around taking a substantially more aerobatic approach, as they ...

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