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Essential components of dark tourism

Dark tourism is founded upon a platform not quite common with its counterpart tourism niches. Apparently the components sound negative blocking any inflow of tourists and exactly here lies the paradox. Words and elements like carnage, war, death, torture, mass graveyard and catastrophe should have been quite disgusting for the visiting tourists extinguishing their interest, but to the contrary these ...

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Top 10 historical Places of Singapore

Singapore has transformed into a tourist place for last few decades – it has plenty spots that can interest tourists and travelers. Some of them are lovely shopping arcades, museums, religious institutions, parks and amusement centers, natural sites of interest, heritage buildings and notable monuments. This article will enlist for you some of the best historical tourist places in Singapore ...

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Kuwait Historical Places – Top 10 Historical Places in Kuwait that takes you to the past

  The most important Kuwait attractions include numerous wonderful architectural wonders which is considered modern as well as customary and these are a part of Arabic style of architecture. Kuwait is adorned with explicit historical marvels that not only allures the tourists but reflects the glorious past of the city, its times and past era. The 10 historical places which ...

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Switzerland Historical Sites – Top 10 historical places in Switzerland that displays history

Historical places in Switzerland are found in plenty and these are known to be the best tourist attractions of all times. These are various historical tourist destinations in this place that are well-known for their rich history. History of Switzerland is truly fascination and delves one into the depths of European culture. The heritage and historical buildings are kept under ...

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