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Beautiful hiking spots too good to resist for photography lovers

If you have always been passionate about photography and particularly of breath-takinglocales, you cannot miss out on hiking spots. Yes, some of the hiking spots across the world have the most astounding and incredible views which are worth capturing in your eyes and on your camera lens. Here are a few such hiking spots, which photography lovers just cannot afford ...

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10 Best cities for Senior Tourism

If you thought tourism is the prerogative of the young bubbling with enthusiasm and physical potential you may be wrong. Senior tourism too has a huge worldwide promising market. Given the right kind of platform with a lot more care, personalized service, patience and the right kind of attitude from tour operators and the tourism department, senior tourism can harvest ...

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Countries promoting romantic tourism

With the prospect of romantic tourism gaining momentum and with the bucketful of dough pouring in from the consumers end, nations have put in a serious effort to market their potential inspiring romantic tourism. Multiple factors and an assortment of features can inspire romantic tourism. It may be the culinary magic, the availability of some terrific wine and cheese combination, ...

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Top 10 destinations for senior tourism

There are amazing destinations and picturesque locales that hold enough attraction for the aged tourist no matter whether they are travelling with family or are on a solitary venture. The retirement from active employment has opened before them the doors to the eternal leisure time. An attempt has been made here to portray the charms offered to senior tourists by ...

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