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Top incredible ski resorts hotels

Whether your mastery over ski is just a bit around amateurish or you are a smart professional prepared to handle most difficult slopes down the hill hardly matters. Here, we have some of the most amazing ski resorts and hotels nestled awesomely amid snow that would give you a level of delight and comfort that you will remember for the ...

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Top destinations to visit if you are a lover of ice creams

Capogiro Gelato, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia is one of the places in US which is famous for its mouth watering flavors of ice creams. Made with the best and most fresh ingredients like nuts, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce, fresh fruits, fresh and toned milk, Capogiro Gelato includes various exotic flavors of ice creams like Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, mixture ...

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Top 10 eco tourism destinations in Americas


Though ecotourism may be visualized as confined to remote regions of the world where native life and virgin landscapes dominate, the Americas have a lot to offer in terms of ecotourism, which constitutes a major chunk of its eco-tourism industry. Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru are some of the most important Latin American ecotourism destinations that have gained ...

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