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5 Much talked about travel destinations that have lost luster and their possible alternates

Much talked about travel destinations suffer shortcomings quite often. These overcrowded places lose charm very soon owing to shortage of tourist accommodation. The attractions that drive the tourists here is soon lost under practical difficulties of getting hotels and restaurants booked for lodging and grub. Taking advantage of the shortage of these basic services, a secondary group of intermediaries walk ...

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Top places to go in 2015 that you never dreamt to visit

The universe we live in is indeed insanely beautiful. There are stunning destinations noted for breath-taking landscapes, marvelous sea beaches and snow clad lofty mountain peaks. There are countries famous for historical monuments, art galleries, museums and splendid opera houses. There are awesomely hi tech cities and there are even tourist spots offering a mix of flora and fauna that ...

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5 most dangerous cities to avoid

Caracus, Venezuela Caracus is the capital of Venezuela, and though it once termed as one of the most amazing cities of the world, it is presently not very safe to travel too alone, especially when you are a traveler. Caracus has been recently involved in a chain of drug gangs, which has also lead to theft and crimes in broad ...

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