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Countries promoting responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is widespread now, and with the increasing concern about global warming, natural disasters, global political and economic instability lurking behind a deceptively calm façade, tourists have been giving a serious deliberation in this area. Quickly realizing its enormous potential, countries have come up with all marketing efforts to make responsible tourism even more attractive to ensure a steady ...

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World’s biggest protected parks

Areas that are preserved, maintained, or managed for their cultural, natural, or ecological values are known as protected areas. These areas serve to prevent a loss, extinction, or damage to species, ecosystems, or cultural practices. Many protected areas have been very successful in doing just that and are valued for their success in preserving particular attributes native to the area. ...

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Most impressive ancient egyptian temples, Egypt

Egyptian temples were built for the official worship of the gods and memorable of pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Temples look as houses which are dedicated to the gods and kings. These temples were the important religious site for all types of Egyptians. This is the place for them to pray, give offerings and seek oracular guidance from the god. Sanctuary ...

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Islamic cairo in depth—Small group tours

Cairo is the capital of Egypt that is located near the delta of the famous Nile River. It is named as the city of thousand minarets depicting the Islamic architecture.  Cairo is Islamic in most of its central part.  The tour takes one back to the past heritage of Cairo with ancient mosques and thousands of years old markets to ...

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Visit the× Islamic culture in the Cairo, Egypt

Islam is the main religion practiced by the people staying in Egypt. During the dynasties of Ayyubid and Fatimid, this religion was flourished. It is very interesting to know about Islamic culture, history and their traditional aspect. If you go back to the history of Egypt, you have to know about the activities in 1250 AD. During this century, a ...

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