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Space Tourism

Space tourism: How long, how much?

Space tourism is pacing up and soon it will not be so alien a concept anymore. Not every traveler believes in cost cutting and thriftiness. There are people who know how to spend on the right kind of travel deals. Experiencing the space has always been an adventurous aspiration and space aviation companies are really busy making this dream come true. The future of space aviation looks like straight out of a sci-fi movie. Space tourism has not only attracted the aviation companies but it has also made the hotels plan the future. With the help of technology the space aviation companies are trying to decrease the amount of money needed for boarding a space-craft and taking a tour. The hotels are planning to set up overnight staying places in the space.

Space Tourism

In 2001 Dennis Tito, an American, went on a space trip of more than 8 days at the International Space Station in exchange of $20 million. He started a tradition which was further continued by other space traveling enthusiasts. Space Adventures is one of the supreme companies working in this dimension. They have designed several different travel plans to give the interested space travelers an out of the world experience. A trip to the International Space Station may cost around $40 to $50 million but if you cannot afford such huge cost then opt for the Zero G Flights. A trip would cost around $5000.

Space Tourism

Space Adventures have also started a Boeing 727 parabolic flight around the earth’s orbit. Along with the Armadillo Aerospace they are working on VTVG Stig rockets. These types of rockets can prove to be better space aviation supporters. The Virgin Group led by Richard Branson is offering the chance of booking spacecraft tickets worth $200,000 with a mere $20,000. According to the plans disclosed as of now the Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two will take six passengers at a time for around 2.5 hour space journey. The space craft can take us above 110 kilometers into the space where you will be able to feel the weightlessness and see the earth below.

The price tag of $200,000 is hefty but the space aviation companies have not yet been able to find the solution to the price problem. The technological advances have made our dreams come true, those dreams, however, come with a steep price. Soon with the advent of better space technology, more people would be able to afford a space tour. Estimates tell that before 2032 there will be more options available for the interested space travelers. Right now, staying out in the space can cost millions of bucks but there is a ray of hope that technology will find a solution to this problem too.

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