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Religious Tourism Guide

What is religious tourism?

A spiritual summon to a site of religious fame initiates religious tourism. The visit to legendary shrines and temples is considered the holiest of the holy acts a tourist engages in his life span. It is more than just a visit but is a spiritual quest. It is driven by faith, an ardent soul searching mission at the altar of ...

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Things to do post religious tourism

Family Saying Grace before Meal

It is not that after completing a religious tourism you start noticing rings of halos around the idols and images of saints and deities. Neither do they visit you in your dreams. The religious voyage has brought changes in you, and you feel there is lot more to do and achieve in your life. One positive indication is that your ...

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Is Religious Tourism For You?

Religious Tourism

At the negative extremity you may not be religiously inclined, but still the destinations of religious fame may hold an extraordinary charm that you fail to resist the temptation. Just think about the Vatican, for example. What an awe inspiring piece of architecture waiting for you to throw you off your breath. No words no matter how enticing they are ...

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History of religious tourism

Buddha statue

It is his instinct that has driven man over long distances since thousands of years in his religious pursuits. That Lord Buddha in his prime career point had denounced worldly pleasures in quest of the eternal knowledge or ‘Nirvana’ is nothing, but a bright instance of religious tourism setting a historical landmark. Religion has influenced and shaped man’s thoughts and ...

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Budgeting in religious tourism

Religious Tourism

Like planning other niche tourism, drawing a financial estimate of the outlay for your religious trip forms an important component of the program. You need money for every step you move ahead in your sacred pursuit. But you got to know the mark of demarcation between prudent spending and wastage of your expensive dollars dedicated to your religious mission. You ...

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Why Religious Tourism Matters?


Religion is one of the most powerful expressions of faith that builds our inner core. People get hurt and seriously offended when confronted with criticisms pointed towards their religion. Reservations and discriminations based on religion are dangerous and a barrier against unification, a quest for peace and harmony with which different components of a society would operate. It is imperative ...

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Precautions and preventions in religious tourism


Religion is a super sensitive issue. Precautionary measures to be taken in religious tourism are many. Faith has a powerful impact on one’s mind where rationality and logical thought process might be causalities. Tourists often blindly rely on self proclaimed god men and unscrupulous guides who lead you to disaster. They are cunning and plan their attack on your psychology, ...

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Key Drivers of Religious Tourism

Religious tourism

The most important driving force to inspire religious tourism is the intensity of faith. A religious site is a destination looked upon by tourist with great awe and respect. At times, scientific explanations and logic fails answering a crisis. Seeking a solution at the altar of god seems the last resort. This infuses hope and a need for a sacred ...

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Essential Components of Religious Tourism


The most important unit of religious tourism is the sacred site itself. The stronger its connection with legends and myths anchored to the past greater is its tourist value. Places connected with the birth or arrival of religious men and ‘Avatars’ into this world gives the site a sacred appeal and is an important component. Specific details meticulously preserved and ...

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