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Precautions and prevention in war tourism

When you are out on war tourism, certain precautionary steps need to be taken which are imperative. If you plan to take shelter under a travel agent, get yourself doubly assured of the reliability and existence of such a travel agent. Mere contact numbers and a rudimentary website is not enough to establish the credibility of the organizations.

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Many deceitful travel agents and tour operators exist with fake identities and insist on online payment or sending payment drafts even when they are yet to discharge an iota of service in your favor. It is too late before their fraudulent motive is located and they are off with your money!

Public opinion polls are important and need to be monitored closely how a specimen of tourists rate a travel agency from all angles and context of fee structure in exchange of services delivered, their quality and speed. Even if the agent is genuine get a thorough detail of services rendered. If your accommodation is booked through your agent, get a snapshot of the interiors to get a fair idea of the type of accommodation. Similarly, get a total clarification of the price structure and see there are no hidden costs popping up later for which you were not at all prepared. When selecting your accommodation, never select one in too deep inside an obscure alley. See for the existence of notorious bars in the vicinity. This might make you open to thug assaults. They intentionally provoke you or trap you into a conversation with the ultimate motive of extorting money.

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War tourism sites may not be thronged with tourists always. Keep your money and valuables secured, and it is not safe to mix with strangers in an unknown destination. You never know their intentions. Maintain a safe distance.

Never hand over your bank or credit cards to unknown persons for help even if you are in a dire situation. There have been cases where a dummy card had been returned back and the stranger having access to your card and the secret number have robbed your account clean! On similar argument, never disclose your itinerary to a stranger. You might be helping up plot his scheme against you with a motive of financial crime. If you are a female, be extra cautious for obvious reasons.

Most war tourism destinations are located in remote areas where public transport is not accessible. Hire a cab from a reliable authority to visit the place. Your tour agent or local tourist agents can be handy in this case. Again, you need to make sure about their prices and services.

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Check whether the war tourism site is safe worthy of a visit. Remote locales are often inhabitated by anti-socials and definitely you will not want to be a prey to their activities while on a trip. Get proper information about the safety and security of the place before you set out.

Study the political situation of the war destination carefully and act accordingly. Many war tourism destinations are bleeding from old wounds even today. Therefore, local people may be quite sensitive. Be very cautious in your actions and words so as not to stir up any heated controversy. If you are barred from visiting the site even due to some seemingly trifle reasons, it would be wise to accept it instead of arguing and pestering. It may leave you disappointed, but you should be mentally prepared for this. You never know what situation political or social can evoke the sentiments of the locals that can be a hindrance to your war site visit. The locals may look upon you in suspicion and that may not give rise to a pleasant situation.

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