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Over Yonder Cay to personalize your vacation


Located in the heart of the idyllic and secluded Exumas chain, 70 miles from Nassau and 230 miles from Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Over Yonder Cay is a place that would turn your long lost dreams into reality. Known as Exumas in the Bahamas, it is a beautiful place stolen from the nature itself. Spread across 72 acre, the island runs ...

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US government drop in travel expenditure affects airlines


According to recent reports, the US government reduced its expenditure on air travel by almost 30 percent last month, causing worry in the airline industry. US based airlines like US Airways Group Inc, United Continental Holdings Inc and Delta Airlines Inc saw a decline of about 2.9 percent and this was reportedly a result of a sequestration for shortfalls in ...

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Atlas Travel, Prime Numbers Technology to come as one


In a new move by Atlas Travel, it has now launched an all-in-one union that will now comprise both itself and TravelGPA report card developer, Prime Numbers Technology. The company will be renamed as Atlas Travel & Technology Group Inc and will be headed by CEO Elaine Osgood, COO Lea Cahill, CFO John Hannon and CISO Dan Reagan. Osgood launched ...

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Most Visited Religious Destinations in India


The rich and diverse culture of India is a result of various aspects that majorly include its people’s beliefs of varied religions. Can you even imagine that people in India worship around two million Gods? Such is the strong inclination of Indian people toward religion and religious places. There are innumerable places of pilgrimage in this country that attract domestic ...

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Seven of the world’s most extreme places:


Traveling means different things to different people. Some people travel for relaxing and some others travel for work. Traveling helps you reach out and make your dreams come true. For some traveling means exploring and witnessing the profound wonders that nature has spread across the world. If you are among the last group of travelers then you will find that ...

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Seven of the world’s biggest shopping malls

cevahir- shopin-mool-istanbul 2

It is hard to believe the time when there were no shopping malls and the concept of window-shopping was just a fantasy. With time the marketers understood the value of visual impact and started using glass panels and shoppers could touch and feel the materials. The shopping centers were turned into shopping malls with the turn of the century and ...

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Seven of the world's most amazing heritage sites

Easter Islands Chile

If you are a history buff, you will certainly love to explore the most popular heritage places around the world. We have created a list of seven best such sites in this article that would simply leave you spell-bound. Some of them might be of cultural importance while others boast of having natural significance. So, just check them out and ...

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Seven of the world’s most amazing ski resorts


Skiing is a truly exhilarating sport and it brings out the hidden sportsman in you. The chilled gush of wind, the controlled skidding and the adrenaline rush is what makes a holiday worthwhile. If you are a pro skier then you will not be satisfied with just any slope or resort. There are actually some ski resorts which have improvised ...

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The deadliest rivers for white water rafting


If you are an adventure lover, then there is one particular adventure you would definitely have to try out at least once in your lifetime; white water rafting! Moving down a choppy, raging river at breakneck speeds, being tossed around in the boat (and probably overboard if you make a mistake), trying to navigate through treacherous waters filled with hidden ...

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Seven haunted hotels you would never want to stay in

haunted house

Ghost stories never get old. People might get bored listening to your stories of great conquest, war or even fighting off ferocious wild animals with your bare hands, but tell them a ghost story and you will notice the instant birth of excitement in their faces. Ghost stories intrigue us, no matter if we believe in ghosts or not. However, ...

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