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Five Best Eco-friendly Trekking Destinations

There is no dearth of mountains and steep terrains around the world. You draw in immense pleasure as you scale the heights. It is healthy and does a lot of good to your physical and mental state. However, this form of niche tourism does not run on a one way traffic arrangement. As you have your healthy fun trek, the nature too expects its share of justice from you. Pollution and disruption of tranquility in the mountains need to be avoided while on a trek, which forms the basis of eco friendly treks.



There is a great opportunity for eco friendly treks in the south eastern part of Peru, a country of stunning beauty perched in the grand Andes. Here, you can have sustainable and eco friendly treks with experienced tour operators. The money from tourists goes towards the growth of slum dwelling children of Cuzco. The transportation arrangements are nicely designed, and the porter fee structure is good enough to keep your luggage carriers smiling. The guides are experts in trekking techniques and first aid needs. Trekking gears like radio equipments, maps, oxygen tanks and first aid kits are of first rate quality. Guides escort you along the legendary Inca treaded tracks, and there is a strong emphasis on control on garbage disposal to ensure that the ecological balance is not disrupted. The porters are sturdy and loyal selected from Qachin-Lares and Cuper Alto Chinchero native neighborhood. They are always beaming and helpful.

(2)Garwal, India:



The Garwal Himalayas in northern India is known for its unparalleled beauty. The trek all the way is high voltage fun and yet it ensures a sustainable tourism where the ecological balance is struck and beneficiaries are the locals, the surrounding business establishments and the trekker himself. Here, you have the world’s loftiest mountain peaks, and eventually words cannot do justice to the exquisite landscape that lies in wait for you. Out of so many attractive Garwal trek routes, the ‘Har ki Doon’ stands way apart on account of its virgin remoteness and unspoilt pristine beauty. It is located in far up the region and has exotic meadows. The legendary valley of flowers is located right here. It is an Eden of breathtaking range of flowers. The tranquil and absolutely pollution free locale gives you a feeling that God himself must be staying over here!

(3)Alpine trek, Central Europe:

alpine mountains with white sky

Trekking in the French, Swiss or Italian Alps could be a life time experience. The setting is gorgeous and the arrangements feature latest updates. Control on pollution and efforts to sustain ecological balance are at its best. Treks offer high adventure and tons of thrill up the terrain amid a clean and soothing milieu. The Mont Blanc area of Alpine France is a great trekking locale. The service of the professional trek guides is of high quality. The impact on the surroundings is not damaging. Switzerland is just another amazing Alpine trek paradise. The view is great and the landscape unblemished.




Nepal, the country wedged between India and Tibet claims some of the loftiest mountain peaks of the world. Nestled in the majestic Himalayas, this exquisitely beautiful country has grand trekking opportunities. Treks in Nepal promote green tourism, and serious efforts are initiated by the tour operators to make the locals and trekkers conscious of environment conservation. Packaged treks are organized up the meanders and stiff terrains through beautiful snow capped peaks, valleys and along swirling cascades. The all time supreme voyage of Everest trek is a real challenge to the trekkers and only the sturdiest and battle hardened trek veterans can eventually make it. Other famous trek points are the Annapurna base camp trekking, Mustang trekking, Jomsom Muktinath trekking and Mansalu trekking.

(5)Trekking in the Rockies:

Trekking in Mountains

The Canadian Rockies present a great scenery and an adrenaline surging rock trek through pristine greenery cut across the mountainous terrain. As you progress on your fun trek, there is an opportunity to explore the Banff, Jasper and Wells Grey national parks having a diverse and rich collection of flora and fauna. All along your uphill ride you feel a great emphasis put on sustained trek aiming a minimum disruption of natures balance. The environment is unspoilt, and the treks are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable guides. They have their helping hand ever extended. It is an eco friendly dream trek exposure amid tranquil nature.

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