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Festival Tourism Guide

Essential components of festival tourism


Festival tourism and its vibrant tone depend largely on the mood of the wave of crowd engaged in frantic activities painting the spirit of the festival in shades of happiness. Enjoyment and mirth manifested by a sea of smiling faces, the people constituting the crowd in their best attires and moving on in the company of family and friends is ...

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Why festival tourism matters


Festival tourism is a big foreign exchange earner. With money literally flowing in with the influx of hordes of tourist, the local economy gets a vital shot in the arm. Festival tourism offers a tourist- local interface, and much of the cultural flow is a one way traffic that is the local culture, tone of the celebration and traditional beliefs ...

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What is festival tourism?


Festival tourism is exploring a region at its height of fun, amusement, cheerful crowd and colorful spirit when the entire community is out to celebrate an event or a festival that had been ingrained in the local tradition and culture dating back to the distant past. Upon landing on your travel destination exactly when the country is in a mood ...

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