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EcoTourism Guide Book

Preservation of natural resources and landmarks

The theme of Ecotourism is not only to have sustainable use of natural resources (air, soil, minerals, animals, plants and water) but it teaches us the importance of preserving those resources for our coming generation. These natural resources discussed above are not the complete list what we have to preserve but there are non-living things like, historical landmark, beautiful landscape, ...

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Awareness about sustainability

Sustainability is the key to success for every business whether it’s an Ecotourism. There should be responsible ecotourism that can generate economic, social and environmental viability within a sustainable system. Sustainable system believes in function of the system over long period of time. Being sustainable means using enough of the natural resources to meet our need and conserving enough of ...

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What are key driver of Eco Tourism Growth?

  a.      Awareness about sustainability                                                                                 b.      Preservation of natural resources and landmarks                                                      c.      Global transportation improvement                                                               d.      “Eco” is new buzz word of the century    

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sharing of socio-economic benefits with local communities and indigenous peoples by having their informed consent and participation in the management of ecotourism enterprises

Poor strata of local community avail the economic development through Ecotourism that generate earning for them and thus form a source of restitution for disadvantaged rural communities. It promotes business partnerships between conservation authority, private sector and local residents and through which local communities understand the management of ecosystem and ecotourism. Local participation and their consent is at utmost importance ...

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Respects local culture

Ecotourism not only teaches the foreign visitors about local culture and etiquette but local residents in turn learn the same thing from them. Foreign visitors observe the ecosystem of that area and feel the great empathy with the experience. Local people on the other hand learn how to satisfy the need of foreign expectation and gain additional knowledge different from ...

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Benefits to promoting nation

Every nation has its own ecosystem different from other nation in term of biodiversity and culture. Ecotourism encourages travelers to seek out business opportunities based on heritage, architecture, culture, ecology, wildlife etc. Tourists from all over the world support the nation to generate revenue using its ecosystem as an asset, a value that the locals may not have previously acknowledged.  ...

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Benefits to Eco Community

With the introduction of Ecotourism, local community started flourishing with the help of the inflow of foreign exchange. Foreigners require help from local community in traveling to local areas, for foods and other items. In exchange local community gets money, involvement with foreign culture, and learning to protect environment. They are connected with rest of the world in the path ...

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Benefits to Environment

We are beginning to realize the effect of human activities on environment. Ecotourism promotes maintaining ecological process such as recycling of nutrients, soil conservation, reducing pollution, and wildlife management, purification of water and sustainable use of natural resources.  Environment also constitutes humans and animal which maintains the bio-diversity. Ecotourism protect the endangered and vulnerable species through forest conservation and cultivated ...

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Benefits to individual

Ecotourism bring jobs with itself for the local individuals and job increases the living standard of the individual and thus reduces crime in the society.  With the addition of ecotourism concept in the society, people are taking interest to know the biodiversity and different culture around the world. South Africa is known for ecotourism and the total number of tourist ...

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