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Do’s and don’ts of buying right travel insurance

If you are a frequent traveler then you certainly know the importance of travel insurance. Having travel insurance is very important because you never know what your future has in store for you and what kind of problems you may have to deal with while travelling. However, most people often commit the mistake of getting travel insurance policies at the last moment and therefore, end up buying the wrong ones, which don’t help them in times of need. So, here are some important do’s and don’ts you should keep in your mind while buying your travel insurance:



  1. While signing up for travel insurance always mention your medical conditions truthfully and entirely because in the event of any mistake, your policy will simply become invalid and will no longer be able to cover you. So, make sure you mention your medical history clearly when buying travel insurance.
  2. Get the necessary vaccinations prior to travelling to any exotic locations. The vaccinations will also be recommended by your travel agents and make sure you get them all.
  3. If you are purchasing single trip travel policies then it is very important for you to enter your correct travel dates in the policy form. Incorrect dates will make your policy invalid and it will no longer serve you any purpose.
  4. Always enter your holiday activities in the policy. Although you may not be sure about the different activities you are going to perform there, but if you are into extreme sports, then never ignore mentioning the kind of sports you expect to find there. This extra information will provide you with extra cover.


  1. Avoid buying travel insurance at the very last moment. The best time to buy insurance is on the same day you book for your holiday. This will give you enough time to fill up your forms correctly without any rush. Moreover, buying travel insurance some weeks ahead of your trip will also provide you cover in the event of your trip cancellation due to ill health or any other factors.
  1. Don’t forget the 14 days cooling off period after buying your insurance. During this cooling off period, you have the power to cancel or make amends in your policy without paying anything.
  1. Some of the activities that are considered legal in your country may not be legal in other countries and so, it is necessary to learn the rules before visiting because your insurance will not cover for anything considered as illegal in your holiday destination.
  1. Never underestimate the value of travel insurance because your insurance can cover a lot of unnecessary cost during your trip, which you might have to spend personally in the absence of travel insurance.


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