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Cultural Tourism Guide

Key drivers of cultural tourism

Mughal gardens in Kashmir

Accomplishments of cultural tourism rest heavily upon certain key factors the significance  of which cannot go unnoticed. The prime aspect for making cultural tourism a much sought after venture lies in the attitude of the government and tourism department and their continued patronage. The government of a country generally upholds the cultural value of a nation fostering its tourist worth. ...

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Is cultural tourism for you?


The immense pleasure drawn from cultural tourism is a well accepted confession. We all feel a driving need to rise above meeting our fundamental requirements just to survive through a day. Struggle for survival is a naked truth. But that is not certainly the only foundation on which our quests and aspirations are built on. Our intellectual appetite is powerful ...

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Importance of planning in cultural tourism


Cultural tourism can become a wonderful piece of experience depending upon how well you plan the trip. Having decided on your destination, you got to plan selection of the sites featuring cultural excellence. You tour program must be time bound and you meet your itinerary timed to match your target sites. If you are on a self guided cultural expedition, ...

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History of cultural tourism

Mayan and Yucatan culture

The cultural wealth of a nation has fascinated his neighbors past several decades back when they ventured out in quest of knowledge about foreign culture and traditions.  The Spanish and the Central American Mayan cultural contacts and conflicts dates far back into early 15th century during the expedition of Christopher Columbus. The discovery of the new world Mayan and Yucatan ...

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Essential components of cultural tourism


The aesthetic vibes that mold casts a society is perhaps the most important component of cultural tourism. Much of the charm is lost with the tourist facing a shocking reality that in his dream destination what culture means is just a few splendid pieces of artwork set amid a bland mass of local inhabitants whose character is as uninteresting and ...

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Do’s and don’ts in cultural tourism


In a cultural tourism, it is important you show due respect to the culture of the country of your visit. It is quite possible that country has a language that may sound outlandish! However, that must not be a reason that you respond to the alien language with a gesture of ridicule. This is certainly a bad manner inviting resentment. ...

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Countries promoting cultural tourism


Among the countries promoting cultural tourism, the Italian tourism ministry has come up with much hype. Based on the country’s rich heritage in art and culture, it is a universally accepted fact that a major part of the world’s culture and heritage owes its origin to Italy. As the Italian tourism has named it, the ‘magic tour’ is in fact ...

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Budgeting cultural tourism


Cultural tourism can get you in a tight fix unless you figure out a realistic cash outlay connected with your trip. In cultural tourism, the areas that   punch holes in your wallet are numerous. Hotel rentals and bills on grubs together find a major share occupying your budget. Your flight booking expenses and local transportation costs would be major chunks ...

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Best practices to be implemented in cultural tourism

cultural tourism

Promoting cultural tourism is fine. The tourist influx to the cultural heritage sites mounts as does the financial reserve in the state treasury and the tourism department’s coffer flow with cash pouring in. However, a focus of concern concentrates on reconciling two conflicting objectives. Higher the number of tourists visiting the archeological sites for example, higher is the chance of ...

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