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Culinary Tourism Guide

Activities in culinary tourism


Culinary tourism inspires a whole range of activity connected with food consumption while being at a specific tourist destination. It is really an exciting and a wonderful experience for a food enthusiast to go on a search for eating joints for sampling wine and food. Visiting a number of eateries in a region gets him acquainted with a range of ...

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What is culinary tourism?


It is its flavor, taste, content, health benefits and historical background that have made food a very powerful stimulus fascinating our gastronomic response down the ages. Food meets your hunger and satisfies your appetite. Good food is much more than just a fulfilling appetizer. It is a part of the civilization altogether. It is deep rooted in the rich traditions ...

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Best practices while on culinary tourism


Culinary tourism does not necessarily mean you need to travel to countries far off to sample excellent food with a view to explore an alien culture as well. You can do the same back home within a radius of few kilometers. You can have an exploration of what your backyard soil can provide and still draw all the excitement linked ...

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Key drivers of culinary tourism


No doubt the growth and sustenance of the culinary tourism market rests on certain key drivers without which the culinary tourism market will come to a stagnation. Segmentation of consumers’ market followed by identification of the potential customers interested in travelling and buying the edible products for consumption are vital for driving culinary tourism.

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Things to do post culinary tourism


Post culinary tourism, the cooking skills learned in tutorials will pay you rich dividends back home. It is in fact an amazing way of bringing an alien kitchen practically to your door step. It is a wonderful departure from the monotony of having the same kind of food at home. More you learn and experiment the more is your desire ...

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Why culinary tourism matters


It is its irresistible flavor, taste and sustaining aspect that has made good food occupy a prime position in tourism. It is normal to be hungry after a day’s hectic touring schedule. The trek up the undulating mountain tires your muscle. A swim in the sea drains your energy, and even a simple stroll by a lake side makes you ...

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Precautions in culinary tourism


Precautions prior to culinary tourism are many, and they need to be abided by with religious sincerity. Exploring culinary delicacy of an unknown origin could be extremely dangerous as regards your health, which depends on what you eat. Food and its quality, the medium of preparation and the hygiene of the environment where it is cooked tell upon your health ...

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Top 10 destinations for culinary tourism


It is quite tough to make a list of the top tourist destinations offering culinary appeal. Places with exotic food and a range of premium wines compete with each other in order to earn the top position in tourists’ ranking. However, an attempt has been made to list out top ten destinations for culinary tourism and here we go:

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