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Wasgamuwa National Park is located 225 km away from Colombo in Matale, Sri Lanka. Established in 1984, the park is controlled by Department of Wildlife Conservation. Wasgamuwa National Park covers an area of 37,062.9 hectares. The park was named after the ancient irrigation tanks Wilmitiya, Dasthota, and Malagamuva. King Parākramabāhu I built these tanks in the twelfth century.

These water tanks are major water sources in the park and shelter elephants during the dry season. Wasgamuwa National Park houses different animal species and is home to several ancient sites. The park houses a huge elephant population. It houses 23 mammal species, 143 bird species, sloth bears, and large Asian elephants. Visitors can spot birds like yellow fronted barbet, spurfowl, peafowl, and black headed lbis.

People can explore purple faced langur, toque macaque, water buffalo, and Sri Lankan Axis Deer. If you are lucky then you can spot rare sloth bear, golden palm covet, and Sri Lankan leopard.

It is vital for visitors to take various safety and precautions measures in order to protect themselves from various infections. It is vital for them to carry proper medicine kit and take proper vaccination.

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