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Taktak falls is a wonderful ecotourism destination located in the province of Rizal on the beautiful Luzon island. This waterfall is surrounded with various plants, trees, and huge rocks. A national park also has been has been developed near the waterfall site. The entire credit of this creation goes to the Department of Environment and Nature Resources of Philippines. The park located near the waterfall has been proclaimed as a National Historical Shrine.

It is an amazing picnic spot as visitors can explore the natural beauty of the palace. But, swimming is prohibited in the water of the waterfall as the water is very polluted. The local government is taking various steps to make the park suitable for wildlife and make the water portable.

The park houses various flora and fauna species and preserves them. Visitors can spot variety of reptiles, mammals, birds, and water bodies in the park. The authority of the park offers various trips and tours packages for people. They also offer food and lodging facilities near the park. So the guests can experience a good stay during your trip. They also arrange things according to the requirement of the visitors.

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    Hunting is not allowed in and around the attraction
    Swimming is prohibited

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