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Kumana National Park is located on the boundary of Yala National Park. It is one of the most visited parks of the country and is famous for migratory waterfowls and wending birds. It is situated near Colombo, Sri Lanka, and covers a large area.

The region is well connected to roads and different means of transportation such as rail, road, water, and air. Visitors can also hire cabs to visit the park from different part of the country. Clean city cycle club also provide paid cycles to visitors. The main motive behind this is to make the environment clean and pollution free.

Kumana National Park enables you to explore around 255 species of birds, different animals like black necked stork, Eurasian spoonbill, and other animals. People can also get an opportunity to discover centuries old rock inscriptions.

For smoother stay in the country, visitors should book rooms and lodge in advance. Most of the ticket booking and travel arrangements can be done online, and guided tours and travel facilities are easily available.

It is a place where wildlife lovers and environmentalists can spend quality time.

Image Source: NationalGeographic


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