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Activities within cultural tourism

As the title suggests, cultural tourism has much to do with activating your intellect. It is more mental than physical putting in you the fire to survey the wonders of an alien culture. Activities in cultural tourism are long and exciting. They all start with drawing up the itinerary and culminate as you drop back home. Meanwhile, the wonderful sojourn may have changed the person in you.

Traditional Indonesian dancer teaching tourist to dance

Now you are left more cultivated, ecstatic and your mental horizon had seen an expansion with more acceptance, tolerance and appreciation for a culture. This was something that you have tasted for the first time from a wide range of cultural exposure you had on your cultural trip across the world. You may experiment with a little thrill packed with adventure and decide to spend a week among the tribes. You are put up in an ethnic village in the company of a clan led by a clan chief. You have a native roof overhead and an indigenously built straw mattress to spend the night over. The ethnicity and a primitive setting amid bush leaves you enchanted. You may well take part in a tribal group dance which possibly ends in a community feast.

Local meat, herbs, roots, cereal and brew laced with a touch of exotic spices simply fascinate you. You realize that the culture is rich, unspoilt, indigenous and an expression of the tribal values. Their codes of ethics engage your thought process and you may well adapt a couple of features from the cult ruling their lifestyle. However, it all depends on how appealing are their methods and customs.


Why don’t you choose to spend an interactive week among the Santhals, Singfos, Wanchos, Serdukpens and other tribes inhabiting the massive forest covers of incredible India? You may have a parallel mood spending a quality week among the primitive settlements along the Amazon and the Congo basin or amidst the rain forests of Borneo and Papua New Guinea. The kind of food and brew they thrive on, the surprising dexterity with which they design exquisite pieces of woodcrafts, the music and dance that lifts their spirit and most importantly their way of life and philosophies are all inseparable components of their culture.

You realize you have a lot to learn. You can of course keep your eyes busy on your camera viewfinder and your fingers keep hitting the shutter with a marvelous piece of architecture standing right in front of you. The famous Colosseum is a gripping spectacle, a testimony to the splendid Roman culture. Their priceless contribution to the field of art and engineering was groundbreaking and you can have an educative long walk along the ruins of the Colosseum with a resourceful guide to feed you back on your cultural quest.

A visit to Stratford upon Avon on the banks of the river Avon in England is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the celebrated literary genius or the Bard as he is famously known as worldwide in the literary circles. It is the home to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. In Avon, Warwickshire, a mechanical art and design museum exists. First of its kind, this museum exhibits Kinetic art and Automata. It has drawn artists across the world dying to display their creative skill, and you can share the fun as well if you have an artist in you. It is an excellent educational and fun trip that finds an expression by artists bend on something constructive to convey. You can well be a part of it firing your cultural tourism activities with zeal and value addition.


Medieval European castles offer inspiring models. With a little imagination, precision and engineering vision you can lay hands on constructing miniature models. You give a highway to your fancy get on wheels giving a concrete shape and life to your just created work of art till your dreams translate into an awesome form. This could be an exciting activity on your cultural expedition. The medium could be Plasticine or a bucketful of sand and what you get is an amazing structure throbbing!

You can have your culinary skills trained on cooking classes in an alien kitchen. This could be an enlightening cultural activity enriching your acquaintance with a foreign culinary expertise, which indeed would be a cultural update for you. Exposure to local dramas, theatres and cinemas updates you on the cultural aspect of the country of your visit. These are powerful media reflecting the values and cultural transformations that a society travels through. It would be a great idea to have a record of what you see on stage. The background music and artwork builds the atmosphere for a dramatic effect, and the plays and movies sometimes leave a meaningful message for the society.

Updated with all these inputs and nuances on record you may well start your own little workshop letting the playwright, producer and director in you see his long cherished dreams turn into a reality. This would be an amazing cultural tourism activity.

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