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Tuff Tunes radio takes robust design to the extreme

From the very first radio invented in 1879 to the current available models, radio has undergone several changes from its design to its use and application. During the mid 1900s, there was a decline in radio’s popularity due to poor sound quality and performance of the AM broadcast. It changed drastically with the inclusion of FM broadcast that provided better sound quality with reduced noise. Today, radio is widely used to listen to music and news, and you can find it in all possible shapes and sizes. It has become a much appreciated feature on your mobile phones, cars and music systems.

The Tuff Tunes Radio

Catching-in on the trend is the unique looking home radio from Behringer, a manufacturer of professional audio products, called Tuff Tunes that looks to be inspired from the characters in the famous movie ‘WALL-E’. The radio comes with a solid outer cage that not only provides resilience from tough abuses, but also acts as a base and a holder. The design comes with an antenna, two knobs for AM/FM tuning and volume control, respectively, a display, a 5” speaker and control buttons. Tuff Tunes comes with four rechargeable AA batteries that allow portability. Tuff Tunes, unlike other radio players, comes with an auxiliary port with which you can connect your CD and MP3 players to enjoy your favorite music. At a little extra cost, you can also listen to stations across the globe through a portable satellite receiver.

With Tuff Tunes, Behringer carves a new segment in the radio market. It creates a radio that not only looks cool, but also has features such as robust design, handy, powerful sound and external media support, and moreover is available at an unbeatable price. Thus, Behringer’s Tuff Tunes is one gadget hard to resist from buying.

Via: Behringer

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