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How to increase your home theater receiver’s power

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Over the years the definition of luxury has changed and it has given a new meaning while exploring your ideas on luxury. Watching movies was a luxury for most of the people till the mid nineties and thus you waited in anticipation for the release of new movies. The fact of going for a movie over the weekend was integral to your lifestyle as setting up a home theater wasn’t possible. But, with exponential growth in technology, now you can set up a home theater within the comfort of your home, and therefore need not to go out every weekend and splurge money. With the advent of home theaters, it is possible to re-create the theater ambiance in the confines of the four walls of your home giving you the comfort and space of enjoying movies at any time with your family and friends cost-effectively.

Typically, with a home theater, you tend to face certain problems among which the home theater receiver can be counted as the one. Before you explore more on the home theater receiver problem, you need to have some basic knowledge from this article about what a home theater actually is; it may be possible that you are planning to buy a new home theater, and the knowledge shared in here could help you at any point of time.

1) What a receiver is and what it does:

When you set up a home theater, the receiver part can be termed as the brain and heart of the home theater sound system. The Home theater receiver is versatile enough to support the widest array of entertainment possibilities. It works with all advanced high definition Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution televisions, A/V source components and 1080p home theater projectors. In recent years, all these are an integral part of home theater systems and thus the home theater receivers can easily handle errors in digital audio/video and analog entertainments. The home theater receiver captures signals from a DVD player, VCR and satellite dish, amplifies the received signals and finally forwards them to the output devices like the sound system and the television set. Often, in the receiver you will find an in-built DVD player. You may buy the components separately, but buying a single unit that performs all jobs is always more budget friendly.

2) Common problems with receivers:

When you have completely set up your home theater, there may be some problems that may arise with your home theater receiver: often you will notice that your home theater audio surrounded sound is not running properly, or the real sound material of the surrounded sound is absent. In order to solve this, you may tack it during dialogue as most of the sound comes from the center speaker while very little sound can be tacked from the rest of the speaker.

3) How can you avoid them?

When you buy a latest home theater receiver, you can explore the option offered by this device and through which you can balance your speaker sound; this, optimizes the array of surround sound. The setup menu of your home theater receiver will allow you to set the speaker channel level, speaker size and distance, helping you to eliminate the problem that you face from your receiver.

4) Tips on increasing power:

Buy a separate power amplifier. From the home theater receiver, take the jacks out on its rear panel. All you need to do is to hook up the speakers’ wire to XPA (separate power amplifier). Connecting it to the internal amplifier helps increasing the home theatre receiver power and they do not contribute to any separate sound as it is internally connected.

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