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7 cities with best digital connectivity in the world

Digital Connectivity

Internet is nothing short of being a necessity in today’s world. Life without digital connectivity is hard to imagine. However it will be wrong to say that each and every place in the world is equally connected. Internet facilities are not equally good at every place. The seven cities mentioned below can rightly be called the most connected cities in the entire world. Internet in these cities is available almost everywhere. So if you live in these cities or in case you are going to visit one of these, you can surely find internet facilities without any difficulty. Most of these cities offer internet services for extremely reasonable prices or even for free. These places have recognized the value of digital connectivity and how easy life can get if internet services are available everywhere and for everyone. Bits and bytes have received their due important in these seven cities.

1. Tallinn


When it comes to Europe, especially Eastern Europe, one cannot think about digital connectivity without mentioning Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The internet services here are incredible. This town is ancient, yet at pace with the modern world. Wireless connections are easily available almost everywhere in the city and moreover, you can make use of these services at almost any time without paying anything for it. Unbelievably, free internet access is among the basic rights which are assured by the parliament. From schools to offices, free internet is available everywhere. You will find free WiFi on commuter trains and on Tallinn Airport as well.

2. Seattle


According to a survey by Forbes, Seattle topped the list of 30 cities of USA as being most broadband-connected. The number of public wireless spots here is highest and so is the percentage of those who use internet. Atlanta won the race in 2007 and 2008 but Seattle was able to defeat it in 2009. A Seattle Wi-Fi pilot project was launched by the city Department of Information & Technology in the year 2005. It aimed at providing internet services, free of cost at the four downtown parks of the city, University District, City Hall lobby area and Columbia City. In 2006, the number of users of this service was 14,400 and this figure reached 20,000 in 2008.

3. Taipei


This Chinese city can be counted among the largest WiFi grids all over the world, all thanks to the efforts of Ying-Jeou Ma, the mayor of the city who took up the challenge back in the year 2004. Q-Ware Corp built a wireless network which had over twenty thousand access points. $70 million dollars were invested and 90% of the population could use the internet services with the range provided. For using WiFi network, you will have to pay a fee every month (approximately ranging between $4.50 and $12).

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers very cheap broadband. The Hong Kong Broadband Network (a leading IT company) gives you 10Mbps residential connection only for $16 every month. In case you want 100Mbps connection, all you need is to pay $34 per month. Unlike most cities around the world, Hong Kong allows you to stay connected at very reasonable prices. The city government also plans to wire almost all households by 2013.

5. Singapore


This Asian city is full of WiFi and WiMax spots, even on the seaport, so that you can enjoy unlimited connectivity at any moment. Singapore offers a 30Mbps connection for a monthly charge of approximately $77. You can also use the 4Mpbs broadband for free from Singapore ISP SatrHub. However in the latter case, you will have to face some restrictions while surfing. The government started a long ten year plan in 2011 for improving Singapore’s IT approach. This will certainly bring a lot of improvement in the city’s internet connectivity.

6. Paris


If you think fashion and leisure is all that Paris has to offer, think again. Paris started converting its cafes, which were rather infamous, into WiFi hotspots so as to make a mark in the digital connectivity arena. France Telecom, a France ISP, now offers a connection of 18Mbps, a VoIP package as well as a digital TV. All this comes at a meager $45 each month. However, it does not end here as Paris is sure to improve its already good digital connectivity by taking determined steps in this direction.

7. Seoul


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, boasts of an excellent internet connection all over the city. It has the highest broadband internet penetration. The household penetration rate in Seoul is 83 percent and Gartner’s recent reports suggest that this percentage will rise by a decent 10%, (making it 93%) by the year 2013. Seoul also offers wireless high-speed mobile internet service. When it comes to digital connectivity, Seoul is definitely one city to reckon with. Internet services offered by Seoul are as good as they can be.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi