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The 10 coolest boomboxes for extraordinary music

Cool boomboxes

Boomboxes are portable audio devices that also have speakers and are normally powered by batteries. Some prefer to buy boom boxes that can play music from CDs, tapes, i-Pods and MP3 player, apart from having excellent sound quality. Most boomboxes have the same standard style that looks like a rectangular box that has two front-facing speakers on both sides with cassette decks in the center and the handle for portability These days, you can pick your own boom box from the various options according to your own personal choice. Here are ten amazing boomboxes that produce a fine quality quality apart from a stylish outward appearance!

1. TDK touchscreen boombox

TDK  touchscreen boombox

TDK has launched its latest boombox in a bid to revive the dying concept with its dual speaker and triple speaker designs. These boomboxes have a very retro cum modern appearance that fits in well with today’s high-tech era. This classic rectangular music boxes have touchscreen control panels that are embedded in the system. These TDK boomboxes can be operated on both electricity as well as on battery and they also have a USB port, a large auxiliary port and RCA auxiliary ports for connecting it to other peripherals like microphone, guitar and so on.

2. PUMA DynaX


The Puma Dynax is a boombox that can also be called a jambox and is often related to break dance and disco music. This boombox is very stylish and looks very different from the regular bulky and metallic versions as it looks in tune with the times. This cool boombox is the brain child of Yahya Tioso from Australia which is very stylish and aptly represents the PUMA image that reflect rebellion.

3. Alien Parks Kenwood boombox

Alien parks Kenwood Boombox

The Alien Boombox is a design by Aki Hirota that has been made for Sirius Satellite Radio. This boombox literally brings a Kenwood Sirius car tuner to your home with its amazing surround sound and compact size. The Alien is available in many different colors and stands on three legs making it easy for it to be placed on the ground, a table or any other surface.

4. SKDubs Gold boombox

SKDubs Gold boombox

The boombox from SKDubs is a show stealer with its double bass guitar appearance that makes it a sculpture cum music box. Created by David Ellis, this elegant boombox has a four way speaker mechanism apart from a power amplifier by Crown and an equalizer from Behringer. However, this one would cost you a good $15,000 which makes it one very costly boombox!

5. Darth Vader CD boombox

Darth Vader CD Boombox

This unusual looking boombox has been shaped like Darth Vader, from Star Wars. This boombox is a must-have for all the Star Wars fans with its dark colored helmet and red sparkling eery eyes. This boombox has inbuilt speakers which you can easily plug into your media player.

6. Woody iPod boombox

Woody i-Pod boombox

The Woody i-Pod Blaster is a great looking boombox device that looks elegant and irresistible. Presented by Lifepod, this boombox is portable and has two inbuilt speakers.

7. Yamada’s HTV-200XU boombox

Yamada's HTV-200XU boombox

Yamada from Germany has come out with a boombox that has an integrated 7-inch LCD through which you can watch your DVDs. This device can support DCDs, DVB-T, MPEG4 and DivX formats and costs only 300 dollars.

8. Coby Electronics CSMP142 portable CD boombox for iPod

Coby Electronics CSMP142 Portable CD Boombox for iPod

The latest portable CD boombox for iPod by Coby is the CSMP142 which is compatible with radio, player dock and CD player apart from the iPod. Now you can listen to your music library with the best sound quality!

9. Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 portable CD/DVD player boombox

Magnasonic MAG-MDVD500 Portable CD,DVD Player Boombox

Magnasonic’s latest boombox provides the durable and portable nature of the regular boombox with the quality of a DVD player which enables you to watch you favorite movies anywhere. The seven inch LCD display screen provides great images and the IR remote can control the boombox from a considerable distance. Apart from playing your DVDs and CDs, this device can also read files from your USB drive or SDHC/SD card directly and play them. The telescopic radio antenna enables you to listen to your favorite radio stations with clear reception. Furthermore, this boombox can also be attached to your TC set as well and you can then use it like a DVD player.

10. Aluratek portable boombox

Aluratek Portable Boombox

The Bump portable digital boombox is the latest from Aluratek. This system uses wireless technology in its speakers and you can listen to your favorite songs for almost four hours on a single charge. The Bump speakers have great audio quality and clarity too!

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
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